Capricorn Entertaining Style

Pack those business cards. Capricorn entertaining is all about networking.

Does Capricorn like to party?

Party? What’s that? You’re mission-oriented by nature, and you can even be a bit of a hermit. Most of the time, you’re driving yourself toward a goal, and can’t be bothered to pause for something as “impractical” as a soiree. You probably have a small crew of lifelong friends that you hang with on a regular basis. Your social needs are simple, and you’re content to have people drop by for a card game or a cup of looseleaf tea.

The Capricorn host

As the zodiac’s careerist, you’ll opt for events with a networking component. Bring lots of business cards and dress to impress the cognoscenti. You’re always ripe to exchange contact info with someone who can further your goals—and you never know who you’ll meet!

Capricorn is the VIP sign, so when you do throw a bash, you like to display your status with a grandiose affair. A traditionalist at heart, you love the major holidays. With the office closed, you have no excuse not to relax! Capricorn is a family-oriented sign, so include your kin in your party plans. Get a dining room table with extending leaves and serve a large, multi-course dinner. Or take everyone out to your favorite family-style restaurant or rent a hall. You love history, so a themed party from your favorite era could stoke your fires. Many Capricorns also have a hidden wild streak, and costume parties are a great time to express it.

Bottom line, if you’re throwing a party, you want to do it right. You can be quite self-critical and anxious, and although you mask your insecurities well, you want everyone to think highly of you. You’re the sign of public image, after all, and you guard your reputation closely. Just remember, you only live once. What good are all those accomplishments if you don’t celebrate them?


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