Capricorn Friendship

A Capricorn friendship means a likely mixture of business with pleasure. We threw in a gift guide for your Capricorn friend, too.

Time is of the essence in Capricorn friendships. They are not a here-today, gone-tomorrow friend. Their devoted sign prefers to take things one step at a time, creating a strong foundation and building from there. Rather than outgrow people, Capricorn bonds get stronger over the years as they create memories that become traditions. 

With their commitment to living their best life, they like to be seen as a teacher or an authority figure to their friends. They don’t mind stepping back and hooking you up with behind-the-scenes help. As useful as they like to be to their buds, they get a little uncomfortable when others try to return the favor. At times they may actually push away support. As a result, they are often misjudged as distant or cold. Learning to receive as well as give can help Capricorns create a more even flow in their friendships.

Like a little competition? Make a Capricorn friend

Hardworking Capricorns like to mix business with pleasure. They often develop tight bonds with people they meet on the job or through a team project. A high achiever with a competitive nature, friends who can help them increase your status are valuable assets who remain in their contact database for eternity. Not that they won’t hang out with the rebels and slackers. If they can mentor you, it’ll give them a power surge. This sign also needs to indulge their own wild streak from time to time.

Ultimately, however, Capricorns are looking for friends who will stand the test of time. After family, they’re most loyal to friends who knew them back when they were young (and liked them “just because” rather than as a result of their success and means). Chasing after people doesn’t interest them. When all is said and done, they are too practical to waste their time like that. A consistent effort will win a Capricorn friend’s trust and the reward of a lifelong friendship.

Gift guide: The perfect presents for a Capricorn friend

  • Chic leather purses and wallets
  • Outdoor sports equipment like skis or rock-climbing gear
  • Small, understated and expensive jewelry
  • Cast iron cookware and crystal bar sets
  • A set of letterpress stationery or business cards
  • Professionally framed graphic prints—or their awards, diplomas, and honors
  • A designer watch
  • Tickets to an exclusive concert or event

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