Capricorn Money Horoscope

Capricorn money management come naturally to your responsible sign. But financial acumen doesn’t mean you always have money in the bank. You’re usually willing to risk short-term sacrifices for the big-picture payoff.

Capricorn money management style

Your sign rules structure, so your Capricorn money style favors budgets and do everything with an eye to the future. You’re careful, economical, ambitious, hard-working and a natural provider. Be careful not to foster co-dependence with family and friends, though, or you could become a prisoner of your paycheck.

Capricorn rules the zodiac’s career house and you have an investment mindset. You excel at long-term planning. In the short run, that means you can be tight with your cash, preferring to save it for a rainy day and missing all the fun! You’re very concerned with your status and career, so you’ll splurge to make a good impression: business cards on heavy stock, tailored suits, meals at the “right” restaurants. Be careful not to drain your wallet on your appearance.

Favorite splurges for Capricorn

Power suits, leather shoes and accessories, school and office supplies, expensive meals at large VIP restaurants, dinner for people you want to impress, gifts and essentials for your family, lots of black and gray clothes.

How can Capricorn make more money?

Budgets and rules are great, but hello—sometimes you need to cut loose! For your worrisome sign, it’s important to experience being a little extravagant and seeing that everything will actually turn out fine. You may save and save, holding on so tightly to your money that you lose perspective.

Releasing your grip will usher in fresh new sources of flow, and prevent you from turning into a Scrooge. Indulge in the occasional impulse buy or impractical purchase so you don’t fall into a martyr trap and fail to enjoy the cash you work so hard to earn.


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