8 Capricorn New Moon Rituals to Level Up This Year

The first new moon of the year brings a galvanizing burst of energy, a challenge to level up and elevate whatever it is you’re dedicated to this year. In Capricorn, this new moon helps you set goals and make long-term plans. Try one of these Capricorn new moon rituals to inspire you!

A Capricorn new moon is a good time to set goals that challenge and inspire you, elevate your image to be more professional, connect to authority figures and mentors, and make long-term plans.

In addition to a Capricorn new moon ritual, you may wish to begin your New Year’s resolutions at the time of this new moon, since 2024 began with a Mercury retrograde!

Capricorn New Moon Rituals

The Capricorn new moon is on January 11, 2024, at 6:57 AM Eastern. Here are some Capricorn new moon rituals to try.

1. Keep on keeping on

If at first you don’t succeed, then try another method for achieving your result! Unassailable Capricorn is symbolized by the persistent Sea Goat tirelessly forging up the mountain—or diving under water, to pull up magical and visionary ideas. None of this is easy, but the end justifies the means.

Fittingly, it can take some righteous fortitude to get through Capricorn season: recovering from the holiday hangovers, the lack of sunlight, the buzzkill of having to get back down to business after all the celebrations. Thankfully, the grounding energy of the Capricorn new moon keeps you focused and determined.

Try not to become frustrated if creative efforts don’t immediately draw a round of funding or TikTok followers. Instead, use this lunar lift to tighten up your game plan and ensure that you’re building plans on a stable foundation. Even if the project you’re working on has no end in sight, keep your eye on its long-term gains.

And when the job is eventually finished, be sure to reward yourself for all your hustle!

Remember: Life is messy, and everyone makes mistakes from time to time. But without these learning experiences, how would you grow?


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2. Splash some green on your dreams

Capricorn is the eldest of the three earth signs (a trio that also includes Taurus and Virgo), and these moonbeams sound a wakeup call to conserve and protect natural resources, especially after the holiday season’s excess. Climate change assessments continue to underscore the urgent need for industrial adaptations. 

While alarming, there ARE things you can do to cool down your corner of the planet. For this Capricorn new moon ritual, you could: eat a (more) plant-based diet, walk or bike instead of driving everywhere and buy local.

If you own a business, how can you establish eco-friendly practices into your production processes? Studies show that educating women and girls is one of the primary ways to reduce the threats of climate change worldwide. Donate to an organization like the Malala Fund or the women’s lending arm of Kiva.org to support one of the most powerful global shifts possible. Or look for organizations in your community that are advancing women and donate your money or your time there.

3. Plan for the future while respecting the past

In the race to the top, Capricorn is the marathon runner, not the sprinter. Instead of stressing over the little things, try taking the long view for this Capricorn new moon ritual. Envision where you’d like to be this time next year. Working backward, start jotting down the simple, practical steps you’ll need to take to make this dream a reality. Then, appoint yourself the CEO of your life and get busy on your “business plan.” And how about a vision board to go along with that? 

Capricorn, represented by the mythical Sea Goat, has the head of a satyr but the tail of a mermaid. This lends some serious magic to the Capricorn new moon, so dive into the depths of your imagination while crafting your plan for the material world. Stay open to surprises from your subconscious mind!

While you’re peering into the proverbial crystal ball, remember that Capricorn also honors time-tested traditions. Capricorn is the guardian of history, so find a way to pay homage to your personal or family lineage. Which cherished practices have been handed down for generations? If you can’t find anything like this in your family tree, read or watch the biography of a trailblazing icon—someone who literally made history. It will also inspire you to ponder the legacy you’d like to leave behind someday.

4. Connect to a father figure

Capricorn rules the zodiac’s tenth house of father figures and male-identified people. You might have BeyoncĂ©’s “Daddy Lessons” playing on repeat as you integrate all the things you learned from your pop—for better or for worse.

Can you find a way to appreciate your dad, even if it’s just for giving you life? If you’re not on good terms with him, consider a “forgiveness and release” Capricorn new moon ritual—to free both of you from any karmic chains. New moon, new focus! 

5. Climb every mountain

Capricorn’s Sea Goat, a blend of intuitive fish (or mermaid) and mountain goat, is a mythical creature with an oceanic side that operates on intuition, and an earthbound side that tirelessly ascends until it reaches the summit. This lunar event helps us see that we are capable of much more than we often give ourselves credit for and reminds us to reach beyond our limitations.

Hiking or being near mountains—or on a streaming Peloton pass—can call forth this zodiac sign’s best energy. Check out AllTrails or get a local recommendation for a rail trail, a path or a mountain you’ve yet to conquer. Enjoy the view and gain a new POV! 

6. Hack the earth’s superpowers

Capricorn is associated with archaeology, gemstones and crystals. Many of the earth’s treasures contain healing and nurturing properties; certain crystals, such as onyx and galena can help you tap into the driven and structured energy at the Capricorn new moon. By working with the therapeutic powers of these stones, you can harness your highest aspirations AND create a plan to accomplish them as your Capricorn new moon ritual!

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7. Try a “Resolution Revolution” (step-by-step instructions)

Rather than allow your inner taskmaster to create a punishing (and unrealistic) list of things to do, set intentions for the year ahead that warm your heart and light you up with joy and excitement.

For this Capricorn new moon ritual, you’ll need a few blank sheets of paper (each resolution needs its own page). We don’t recommend tackling more than three per quarter. For some people, one is enough!

Write down your first goal at the top of a blank page. Make sure to state it as a positive instead of a negative, and be specific. For example:
• “Find A Job I Love” (positive), instead of “Leave the Job I Hate” (negative), or
• “Get Back to My Yoga Practice” (specific), instead of “Start Working Out Again” (vague)

Then, answer the following questions:
• Where am I now?
• What lights me up about this goal?
• When I achieve this goal, how do I imagine I will feel?
• How can I make the process fun and enjoyable?
• Who in my life can support/inspire/encourage me with achieving this goal?
• What can I give them in return?
• What is the first small step I can take towards this goal?
• After that, what step can I take?
• I know I will have achieved this goal when (list three measurable results).

After you finish answering these questions, close your eyes and visualize yourself already having achieved the goal. Let whatever feelings and sensations that arise come up without judging them. You might even feel a little scared, fear is natural when you’re stepping out of your comfort zone.

That said, if you can’t access any other feelings like excitement, inspiration or joy, this might not be your resolution. Set it aside and repeat the exercise until you have a resolution that lights you up!

We recommend you hang your resolution on a wall where you can see it regularly. You might first place it under a crystal to give it an extra metaphysical charge until after the next full moon.

8. Salt bath release (also with instructions!)

It’s been a long year, and you’ve absorbed a lot of energy. Give yourself a cellular reset for the year, on every level, with a nurturing and sensual twist.

Tap into the earthy energy of Capricorn with a grounding “salt of the earth” bath. You can prepare it yourself with a few simple ingredients. In a bowl, mix together:
• 6 parts coarse salt
• 3 parts epsom salt
• 1 part baking soda
• Several drops of essential oils, like bergamot (to release anxiety, anger, loneliness or resentment, frankincense, jasmine or orange (to soothe your emotions while also awakening your inspiration)

Write down on paper what you’re releasing or letting go. Place it under a crystal or on an altar. Then take your salt bath!

You could opt to burn your releasing list after your salt bath. Just make sure to find a fireproof place to do this exercise.
• Create a circle of stones, crystals, driftwood or any “found” objects from nature
• Place your release list in a metal bowl, mini cauldron or fire pit in the middle of the ring
• Thank whatever is on your list for the lessons, then say aloud or silently: “Thank you for your service; I release you now.”

Burn, baby, burn! (Carefully!)

Other Capricorn new moon ritual ideas you can try

Organize a few friends into a mastermind group or a support squad. Set up a weekly (or daily) call where you share setbacks and triumphs and hold each other accountable in an inspiring way.

Sign up for a session with a coach, master teacher or consultant who can help you take your vision even higher.

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