A Capricorn Season Meditation to Stay Present

Inhale stability. Exhale tension. By channeling the energy of the grounded Sea Goat, this Capricorn season meditation gives you the gift of being fully present, in the here and now, during the most wonderful (but busy!) time of the year.

There’s certainly a lot to achieve during this four-week cycle! From planning holiday celebrations to kicking off the new year with power and purpose, Capricorn time is a BUSTLING zodiac season. With the Sea Goat’s drive and determination, anything you put your mind and muscle behind WILL be achieved. And don’t forget that the mythic Sea Goat, the symbol of Capricorn, has the head of a goat and the tail of a mermaid. There’s plenty of magic to tap into now, as the Capricorn sunbeams help us turn fantasy into a tangible reality.

The challenge? Remembering to stay present so that you can enjoy all the memories you’re creating. Having the Instagram-perfect tree decor, NYE celebration or annual vision board is great, but not if you’re stressing out the entire time, right?

Fun fact: Capricorn season always begins with the winter solstice—the shortest amount of daylight all year. In the spirit of sensible Capricorn, we need to conserve our own “light” and energy during this time so we don’t burn out. This guided meditation can help you slow down and release anxiety…just enough to “be here now” during the most wonderful time of the year.

Since Capricorn season is divided distinctly between pre- and post New Year’s Day, you can listen to this in December for holiday chillaxing. Then, utilize this guided meditation again in January to visualize your resolutions from a clear and grounded headspace. If you’re ready to launch a bold initiative, this Capricorn season meditation can prepare you to go out and sleigh…uh, slay!

Relax, Relate, Meditate with this Capricorn season meditation

Our Capricorn season meditation is approximately eight minutes in length. Guided by Boundary Boss author Terri Cole, this is meant to help you experience a full body relaxation as you tap into your optimism.

To begin:

  • Find a quiet, private nook or set up a space that feels sacred to you, indoors or out
  • (Optional) rub a calming essential oil onto your temples or palms, light a candle, plug in an aromatherapy diffuser and put up a “do-not-disturb” sign
  • You may want to keep a journal close by to record inspiring ideas that come to mind after the meditation
  • Simply hit play, and enter the “Zen Den” with Terri
  • Allow her soothing voice and words of wisdom to ground you in stillness
  • (Later: visualize yourself with a new structure, that feels good!)

Photo by Victor Torres via Stocksy


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