Capricorn Style Horoscope

Keep it simple, Sea Goat. You’re a classic earth sign who looks great in well-tailored basics, and you should build your wardrobe around that concept. On casual days, Capricorn style is right at home in muted colors, fisherman sweaters, Breton striped tops, and designer denim.

Does Capricorn have good style?

Symbolized by the mountain goat, you need sturdy shoes to help you trek to the top of the ladder. Splurge on footwear like hand-stitched ankle boots or classic Prada loafers. Always shop top quality and well-respected designers that you can drop into conversation and wow the fashion elite.

How does Capricorn dress?

Since Capricorn is the sign of the executive, you’ll need at least one power suit hanging in your closet. Your sign enjoys rebelling against gender norms. Female Capricorns look great in suits, ties, blazers and boyfriend jeans. Male Capricorns can be well-groomed “metrosexuals” or go full-on with the femme attire, like Sea Goat David Bowie. No matter your style, have your LBDs and snazzy suits ready for those VIP events, weddings and awards ceremonies which you’ll attend regularly as a guest of honor. 

The bones, skin, and teeth are body parts associated with Capricorn, so incorporate regular trips to the hair salon, esthetician, and dentist. Emphasize your bone structure with a face-framing ‘do or a swept-back ponytail or topknot. Polish with small gemstone earrings and light makeup; or make a hat your signature accessory.

There’s a wild child in you, too, and when it’s time to go rockstar, reach for the moto jackets, denim and strappy tanks that accentuate your collarbone. Large statement necklaces with crystals (you’re an Earth sign), leather motorcycle jackets, and miniskirts take you far enough to the edge without crossing from luxe to louche.

What should Capricorn wear?

The Capricorn style profile

What colors should Capricorn wear?

Black, gray, forest green, plum

Capricorn body focus areas

Knees, skin,teeth, skeletal system

Fabrics for Capricorn

Linen, cashmere

Capricorn style best looks

Moto or cowboy boots, cableknit sweaters, blazers, antique jewelry, button-down shirts, leather jackets

Capricorn styles to avoid

Synthetic fibers, trendy cuts, overstyled hair, loud colors, ruffles, lace


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