Capricorn Family Dynamics Horoscope

While every household will play by different rules, understanding each zodiac sign’s innate domestic style can help you sort it out.

What it like living with a Capricorn?

Loyal Capricorns family members are the family providers.

Loyal and traditional, the Capricorn family member comes equipped with sterling family values. Few things make them happier than spending time with their relatives, supporting their growth and ambitions. They see their brood as an extension of themselves, and they’ll do whatever it takes to keep the lineage and family name in good standing. They love creating opportunities to share with their kin, especially if making money is involved. It’s likely that they’ll go into business with at least one relative in this lifetime.

Capricorn is the father sign and they are a strong provider for their bloodline. They supply resources, wise advice, and even money to relatives of all ages. Many Sea Goats support their parents pre-retirement years, or become parents at a younger age as an outlet for their drive to provide.

As a child, they are self-governed and a bit of a perfectionist. Their parents have it easier than most, since they don’t require much discipline to stay on track. As parents, they want the best for their own children, especially when it comes to their education. They’ll work a third job to fund their elite private school tuition. They strive to learn the value of hard work or they could raise their kids to be elitist or unappreciative of the value of money.

Capricorns have a unique astrological profile! Like Benjamin Button, their sign ages in reverse, in a sense. Although they begin life as a dutiful child, all that responsibility can cause them to rebel around 35-40. Look out! Mid-life crises were invented by (and for!) Capricorn. While they’re definitely more fun to be around once they lighten up!

Astrology tip for living with a Capricorn

It’s tough for the Capricorn family member to show that they’re struggling, and only their family sees their sensitive side. If they come from a stable home, their parents or siblings may be their best friends. As sweet as this is, it can also prevent them from branching out and creating a family of their own. If they come from a tougher environment, they may resent their parents, blaming their unhappiness on their mistakes. There’s a time to cut the cord and forge their own identity. Irrational fears can stop them from discovering who they are.


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