Leo Success: Career and Money Horoscopes

Leo Career Horoscope

The Leo career path is all about finding a place to shine. Proud, loyal Leos are the heart and soul of any organization. Ruled by the Sun, you bring warmth and excitement to your workplace, even a splash of drama. There’s no question, you’re in charge, and everyone senses it. As zodiac royalty, Leo’s regal rank just makes itself known…

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Leo Money Horoscope

When it comes to money, Leo can earn cash in huge amounts and spend it twice as fast. With enough discipline, however, Leo can keep their impulses in check. At least, for a short while! Although you may merrily clip coupons and scrimp for a while, you’ll soon feel deprived and decide it’s time to treat yourself for working so hard. Build in small rewards so you don’t feel deprived…

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