Virgo Success: Career and Money Horoscopes

Virgo Career Horoscope

The Virgo career path is a dynamic one. Busy-bee Virgo loves to work. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, you’re constantly thinking and strategizing. You always need something to do! Obsessed with organization, many Virgos work as office managers, or running a bustling department. Your detail-oriented mind keeps track of every little item, and you’re always planning ahead. Filing, labeling, managing data—what seems like a chore to others is a fun day at the office for you. Coaching, counseling and communication are among the best jobs for Virgo…

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Virgo Money Horoscope

When it comes to money, Virgo is a natural accountant. Your organized sign likes to track details, so you easily squirrel away your earnings for a fantasy purchase. You’re a natural advice giver, so if you really want to dish out tips, get your accounting degree and get paid for it…

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