Chiron in Pisces: 2011-19

Chiron, the celestial body that is known as “the wounded healer,” will join Neptune in Pisces from February 8, 2011 through February 18, 2019. As we mentioned, Neptune can be a bit of a low-life hustler if left unchecked. Chiron’s close proximity, however, will elevate Neptune’s vibration towards higher good.

Religion falls under the rule of Pisces, and the “Peace in the Middle East” crisis will come under greater international focus. Muslims versus Jews? Catholics versus Protestants? Puh-leeze! The senseless aberration from “love thy brother and sister” has been passing as religion for quite long enough.

A new spirituality may emerge during the Neptune and Chiron in Pisces phase, perhaps in the same way that The Secret gained popularity after Oprah’s endorsement. No conversion ceremonies required—this is more likely to be an acceptance of non-denominational and mystical practices that have been around in some form or another for eons. Courses may emerge that strengthen our innate psychic abilities. We might learn how to reach each other’s minds before this new decade is through. It’s been hypothesized that we are all actually psychic. For the most part, we only use ten percent of our brainpower. Learning to push that envelope may enable us to intuit other people’s thoughts, feelings, and motives on a whole new level. (P.S. Chiron wants us to use this for a higher good. Remember that!)

Hang on to that yoga studio pass. The popularity of mind-body exercises will continue to swell, as we feel a pull towards more meaningful and meditative moments. Touchy-feely healing experiences will also gain greater popularity. Who’s up for a Cuddle Party or a group hug? The boundaries between people may blur in new ways, as Pisces forces us to make sacrifices in the name of a higher good. In India, it’s not uncommon for a stranger to hold a child on his lap while riding public transportation. This would shock the average U.S. citizen, at a time that kids wear helmets to climb monkey bars.

During the forthcoming era, Westerners will need to confront the culture of fear we’ve created as we’ve locked ourselves into our cars and three-bedroom homes. That bubble could burst in 2011, as we’re pushed to share with neighbors, near and far.


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