Cancer Season Crystals Horoscope

Spiritually savvy Gemini Chartreuse Tembo Barriere—who is the founder and headMIZtress of The Venus Academy —selects the most powerful stones for the solar season. She teaches us how to use crystals in meditation to stay aligned with the energy of both the heavens and the Earth. 

Moonstone and selenite are the two gemstones chosen for your Cancer season crystals horoscope. Working with these stones helps hone our nurturing qualities and our ability to go-with-the-flow.

What Your Cancer Season Crystals Represent 

Moonstone: Associated with intuition, feelings, the heart, and fertility

Selenite: Encourages mind focus, calmness, and promotes fertility

Both moonstone and selenite have a monoclinic crystalline structure, which means their inner structure is shaped like a parallelogram. Parallelograms are rectangular shape, appearing to tip to one side. The energy of monoclinic stones is fluidity. This harkens the ebb-and-flow/wax-and-wane nature of lunar cycles and shifting moods of Cancer season. Using these crystals we can learn to go-with-the-flow, expect the unexpected, and trust our intuition.

About Your Cancer Season Crystals

Gemstone: Moonstone



This crystal forms in many colors including translucent/white rainbow moonstone, peach/apricot moonstone, and even a dark silver/grey moonstone. It is often opalescent, with a mystical blue or white sheen.

Since Cancer rules the stomach and the breasts, moonstone is a beneficial crystal for women. It is said to enhance fertility, aid with menstrual issues such as PMS or cramping, bring comfort during pregnancy and after childbirth, and assist in milk production for breastfeeding. Moonstone is also said to assist in cooling down the hot sensations of menopause.

Relative to the stomach, moonstone unblocks the lymphatic system and is said to assist the digestive system while balancing the stomach, liver, pancreas and even the pituitary gland. Moonstone may also help alleviate insomnia and provide peaceful rest when placed under a pillow as you sleep.

Moonstone’s Metaphysical Properties:

Cancer is the zodiac’s “feeler” and during this sign’s season we can feel prone to anxiety and susceptible to ulcers, indigestion, and irritable bowel syndrome. Worry can manifest as psychosomatic disease. Moonstone helps to soothe emotions.

Moonstone has light-bending properties also that can help stimulate the pineal gland, the “seat of the soul,” or our “inner knowing.” The pineal gland is light-sensitive, so working with moonstone is said to help balance our internal hormonal cycles and attune us more to the rhythms of nature.

The light-bending properties also enhance intuition. Cancer energy wants us to trust our feelings, and moonstone helps us with dream recall and going-with-the-flow during our waking hours.

Moonstone helps you to be practical in your dealings and to be emotionally balanced.

Moonstone also helps to attract love, abundance and connection with spirit guides. It opens the gateway to your subconscious and higher self, and amplifies clarity in any divination practices.

Gemstone: Selenite


Selenite forms in long bands and has thermal insulating qualities (light and warmth). High grade selenite is semi-translucent white, and looks similar to a long, thin fluorescent light bulb. This crystal’s name is linked to Selene, Greek goddess of the moon.

Similar to moonstone, selenite also promotes fertility, pregnancy and motherhood. Selenite is said to help with the flow of bodily fluids while rejuvenating cells, protecting from free radicals and strengthening bones.

A relatively neutral stone, selenite doesn’t hold negative energy not need cleansing. It may be used to clear and charge other crystals and gemstones. Selenite forms in water; it is a softer mineral that would dissolve if submerged in water.

Selanite’s Metaphysical Properties

Selenite is calm and soothing, with a high, clear and pure vibration. Since selenite does not hold negative charges, it is a fantastic crystal to use to neutralize your own energy. Believed to be crystallized divine light, selenite protects your mind from wandering.

Selenite is often used to make a protective energetic “grid” around your house or workspace. To create this, place four pieces of selenite (indoors) at the four corners of your home, or your bedroom or office space. Place a piece of black tourmaline near your main entrance. For personal protection, pass a selenite wand around your body to provide an auric shield from lower vibrating energies.

Meditating with Crystals for Cancer Season

Meditating with crystals during Cancer season can help us attune to our heart, nurture our familial bonds and navigate the waters of the emotion ocean.

Meditation and Ritual

Meditation intention: I am clear on my emotional and spiritual needs.


  • I trust my instincts.
  • I honor my sacred spaces.
  • I give thanks for mental flexibility.
  • I release confusion and baggage.
  • I cultivate heart-centered connections.
  • I use my inner vision as fertile ground to create.

Ritual: Cancer Season New & Full Moon Rituals

The new moon is dark, a time when your consciousness is fertile for planting seeds of creation. At the new moon, take a moment to reflect on the fresh intentions you desire to set for the start of the lunar cycle.

With ink and a piece of parchment paper or a notecard, write down what it is you desire to cultivate for yourself. Cancer asks: What do you NEED? Get clear on not only your desires, but your base needs, especially as they pertain to love and nurturing, connectedness, and your foundations of home. What baggage are you carrying from childhood that needs to be integrated? What do you need to feel safe and secure in your present home life? What do you actually desire in partnership? List it all.

After you have brainstormed about your deepest needs, lie down for meditation. Place a piece of moonstone on your forehead to stimulate your pineal gland/third eye chakra. This will enhance your connection to your higher self.

Breathe slowly and deeply for at least 10 minutes to give your mind the opportunity to slow down. Don’t worry if you still have distracting thoughts. Simply focus on your breath and visualize what it is you desire to manifest during the next 28 days.

During the next two weeks, as the moon waxes to grow larger, continue to focus on drawing that which you desire, and taking on the qualities that will propel you toward your higher purpose.

Selenite at the Full Moon

The full moon is a time to focus on gratitude for what you’ve cultivated, and to begin to release what no longer serves you.

In the three days before the full moon is exact, cleanse and charge your other crystals by placing them on top of or alongside your selenite, near a window that receives the light of the moon.

On the evening of the full moon, make a gratitude list. Sleep with selenite under your pillow. If you sleep on your back, you can place the selenite wand over your stomach or your heart area. This helps infuse the light of lunar wisdom into your emotional body.

During the following two weeks, as the moon wanes to become smaller, think about what you recognize as unnecessary in your life. Meditate on what to release, or behaviors you can shift. Strive to let go of personal baggage to live more authentically.

As you move through the complexity of your heart’s emotions during Cancer season, compassion toward yourself is just as important as compassion toward others. Remember the presence of your spiritual self, and know that you can always trust in the universe.

Crystals and Astrology “101”

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