Pisces Season Crystals Horoscope

Spiritually savvy Gemini Chartreuse Tembo Barriere—who is the founder and headMIZtress of The Venus Academy â€”selects the most powerful stones for the solar season. She teaches us how to use crystals in meditation to stay aligned with the energy of both the heavens and the Earth. 

Amethyst and labradorite are the two crystals chosen for your Pisces season crystals horoscope. Working with these gemstones regularly helps you tap into the healing and compassionate spirit of Pisces.

What Your Pisces Season Crystals Represent:

Amethyst: Enhances mental clarity, assists in detoxication and efforts to kick addiction; may ease pain, help you sleep and decode dreams

LabradoriteAn “illusion-buster” that protects from us from over-serving others, enables big-picture thinking; powerful for meditation and insight

About Your Pisces Season Crystals

Gemstone: Amethyst

amethyst pisces season

Amethyst is the astrological birthstone for Pisces and one of the most popular and recognizable crystals. It is the purple manifestation of quartz crystal, a primary stone formed from pure magma. Its colors can range from deep purple to light violet, to banded stripes of purple and white. It resonates with the third eye and crown chakras for higher insight.

Pisces is a water sign ruled by illusory Neptune. Pisces tend toward escapism and are susceptible to addictions but can be great healers. Amethyst is a perfect stone for the spiritual wakefulness of Pisces season. Amethyst opens you to a different kind of reality, one of intense, but tranquil, meditation and selflessness.

Amethyst also represents growth, learning and clear thinking. It is known as the stone of sobriety and was once used to ward off drunkenness! Pisces season is a great time to fast and cleanse. If you are working toward detoxification, keeping amethyst around is highly beneficial. Amethyst also helps to ease pain and release tension, especially for migraine sufferers.

Amethyst’s Metaphysical Properties:

Amethyst brings insight. When used in meditation, it brings a sense of justice, honesty and uprightness. It quiets the mind so you may discover true inner peace. Amethyst is also a wonderfully loving stone to work with during times of sadness and grief. When you feel a sense of loss or realize you’ve given up too much of yourself, amethyst restores inner peace and helps you to understand the root causes of your actions.

Since Pisces moves fluidly between reality, imagination and mysticism, you can bridge the dimensions with amethyst. It can also help you create a “force-field” or maintain boundaries so that you know where you end and other people begin.

Amethyst helps you to honestly assess your life experiences, even the unpleasant ones, so you can deal consciously with perceptions. As the amethyst continues to resonate with your body’s auric field over time, you will notice heightened concentration, more productive thinking and the ability to overcome blockages and addictive behaviors.

Gemstone: Labradorite

labradorite pisces season

Labradorite is a triclinic stone of the feldspar mineral class, and it forms in igneous rocks during the first stage of mineral formation. It is iridescent and displays flashes of any combination of blue, green and even orange and yellow. It was discovered in 1770 on the Labrador peninsula near the top of Canada, hence its name, and is in the same mineral class as spectrolite, a similar looking stone from Finland.

Pisces feel deeply and expansively—from the microcellular level to the macro universal consciousness. Because of its Neptune ruler, it is boundless and can cause delusions and illusions. Pisces is the embodiment of ultimate empathy.

A classic Pisces season trap is to get stuck in a victim mentality. In pursuit of wanting to serve others, we become a martyr. If you give too much, resentment can creep up.

This is where labradorite is useful in your Pisces season crystal horoscope. I call labradorite the “illusion-buster.” In its beautiful spectrum of iridescent flashes of color, labradorite shows the fullness of who you are beyond the role of helper. Working with labradorite can bring big-picture clarity. You can do what is necessary for others while preserving yourself, which also allows others to learn their own lessons!

Labradorite is most powerful in meditation. It is also effective if carried on you through the day. Its presence serves as a reminder to be clear and productive in your actions instead of giving away all of yourself to others.

Labradorite’s Metaphysical Properties:

If you choose to use Pisces season to detox and cleanse in any manner, keeping labradorite with you helps to bring up your subconscious, forgotten memories and bestow true depth of feeling. 

Staying grounded is a challenge during Pisces season since our feelings can seem as vast as the ocean. Labradorite brings a charge of reality back to your auric field while also allowing you to hone your intuition.

Pisces is also the creative artist of the zodiac. Working with labradorite stimulates the imagination. Its colorful flashes from its laminate structure help to reveal our goals and our soul’s true intentions–giving them shape in the physical world. It also helps us to tap into our childlike enthusiasm. And since Pisces ignites intuition, labradorite’s mystical energy helps fortify our mediumistic abilities.

Meditating with Pisces Season Crystals

Meditating with crystals during Pisces season can help us find healthy, emotional release and promote healing. We are more prone to turn to vices or coping mechanisms during Pisces season. Meditation is a powerful component of your Pisces season crystal horoscope. It can help us feel centered and safe.

To make meditation a daily habit, start by spending 5-10 minutes each morning focusing on your breath and working with these Pisces-themed intentions and affirmations.

Amethyst Meditation

Intention: May I develop unshakeable inner peace.


  • I balance work and play.
  • I look within to find my strength.
  • I overcome all addictive behavior.
  • I give thanks for my beautiful soul.
  • I serve from a place of righteousness.
  • I distinguish between mind and emotions.
  • I decode the underlying causes of my choices.

Meditation Technique: Visualization

Amethyst can be worn constantly in jewelry (pendants, bracelets and rings are ideal) and may be used to create a gem elixir. It also is the most ideal stone to place on the third eye in meditation, or to sleep with under a pillow. Since Pisces resonates so strongly with the dreamtime, I recommend sleeping with amethyst. It will stimulate your dreams quite vividly for the first few nights, and after a few days, sleep should become calmer and more refreshing. During waking hours, amethyst stimulates inspiration and intuition.

You may also place amethyst druses around your bedroom, perhaps one in each corner, to create an energetic force-field that transforms all spiritual energy in your room.

Labradorite Meditation

Intention: May I see through the mind’s eye.


  • I trust my natural intuition.
  • I am in tune with common sense.
  • I take constructive criticism in stride.
  • I am always grounded and protected.
  • I create boundaries to bring more freedom.
  • I raise my consciousness to the highest levels.
  • I believe others when they show me who they are.

Meditation Technique: Heart-Centering

Similar to amethyst, labradorite’s natural illusion-busting energy is great to keep around as you go through your day. Working with labradorite and amethyst together can bring a powerful blast of insight to your process.

If you sleep with amethyst at night and carry labradorite during the day, pay attention to your dreams. You could keep a notebook by your bed and write a stream-of-consciousness journal entry each morning you wake up. Dream journaling is a powerful part of your Pisces season crystal horoscope, an efficient way to gain clarity between your dreamtime and waking life.

Crystals and Astrology “101”

Discover more about the way crystals form, how to cleanse and program your stones in addition to your Pisces season crystals horoscope. Read meditation tips and find out how these natural wonders correspond with astrology. All this in our Crystals and Astrology 101 section!

Disclaimer: This information should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health condition or disease and is not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician or healthcare provider.

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mizChartreuse is a Zambian-American astrologer, writer, and metaphysicist. Her work has appeared at Tarot.com, AOL, Yahoo, HuffPo, AstroStyle, Numerologist, and more.