Dating a Gemini

So you’re dating a Gemini or want to be. Here’s our guide to navigating first moves, knowing if it’s reciprocal, flirting and memorable date ideas.

You’ll either burst into tears or rise to the challenge dating a Gemini. Study the game of tennis (mastered by Gemini Venus Williams) and you’ve got a perfect formula for flirting with Gemini. Whatever they serve you, serve it back twice as hard. The challenge will excite them.

Here’s how to win the match point and score love with this short-attention span sign.

First moves: How Gemini woos you

Talk may be cheap, but to Gemini, it’s worth a lot. As the sign that rules communication, they need to connect through evocative conversation. While physical attraction is essential, this is the sign of the sapiosexual. Intellectual curiosity, a nimble mindset and willingness to explore new realms of thought are the true aphrodisiacs to a Twin.

Signs a Gemini likes you

Some ways the deceptively cool Gemini signals their interest

  • They can’t shut up—they chatter nervously around you, even blush, making it hard for you to get a word in edgewise, but looking adorable all the while
  • They ask about your favorite books, music, film, TV shows and want to know why these are so meaningful to you
  • They engage you in a deep, mind-melding conversation where you both lose track of time, space and dimensionality
  • They base a song, poem or character in their novel on you
  • They read you a favorite book passage, or buy you a book that changed their life. Do you want to know why? Have a seat.
  • They message you all day, sending you little snippets of information, web links, and flirty selfies
  • Titillation: they tell you that they’re imagining doing something provocative to you
  • They “neg” you, jabbing you with teasing put-downs that leave you off-center. No, it’s not cool, but like a kid pulling pigtails to signal a crush, Gemini is a master of mixed messages
  • They actually stop multitasking and give you their full attention. What happened to that clicking sound you usually hear while you’re talking?

Flirting with a Gemini

Like the proverbial cat who eats the canary, this air sign’s flirting style is both playful and premeditated. They tease with carefully chosen words, provocative comments and a minefield of mind games. If you’re dating a Gemini, you’ll find that they like to test your limits, and they bore easily. To amuse themselves, they’ll smugly rile you up or piss you off intentionally.

Spark an intellectual or political debate

Isn’t it hot? All that tension from sparring, the adrenaline of fighting over facts and figures…you can really work up a sexual appetite. One Gemini recalls a memorable first date where they “argued psychology for three hours.” Go ahead, Mary Mary Quite Contrary, show them how your debate-team garden grows.

Let your fingers do the talking

Verbal stimulation works wonders for Gemini, who can get insanely turned on by the written word. DM banter can heat up quickly with them. Or get them on a video chat and plan to stay up half the night.

Invite them for a spontaneous adventure

Out of the blue, casually call Gemini and invite them to a book signing, a bar with live music, a strip club, whatever night-on-the-town you dream up. They love surprises, and they’re not one of those old-fashioned types who balks at being asked out without advance notice.

Transport their imagination to another reality

To Gemini, it’s a thin line between fantasy and everyday life. They like to keep at least a gentle blur between the two. Take Dan, a Gemini computer programmer, who had his best “true love” moment with a woman he never officially met! “It happened in the airport in Rome,” Dan recalls. “There was a woman sitting behind a counter, about 20 feet away. We couldn’t take our eyes off each other. It lasted about two minutes. We never spoke. She got called away, and I got on a train.” Talk about a quickie!

Get ready for the interview!

With their curious natures, dating a Gemini means they’re going to ask you a lot of questions. They love it even more when you question them, as long as you keep it in “safe” terrain that’s not too personal, too soon. Geminis have opinions to share! Ask them to weigh in on a current event or cultural work and you may be the one saying, “I’d love to keep talking but I need to get back to work now.”

While they may charm you into spilling your secrets, if you’re too forthcoming, Gemini will grow bored. So even if they peer right into your soul, or read you like one of their many books, the more you intrigue them, the more excited they’ll get.

Dating a Gemini: It takes two

Gemini’s idea of a great opening line sounds like this, “I’ve got two tickets to a show this Friday, wanna go?” Their answer, naturally, is yes, since they always have their cultural satellites tuned to the latest and greatest thing. Rocking out at a live show, sampling the fare at a raved about restaurant, hitting the opening of a movie or store, watching an avant-garde performance art installation—anything that’s new, edgy, and invite-only is their idea of a perfect date.

After all, these events give Gemini an opening for great conversation, and verbal repartee is the ultimate aphrodisiac for this sign. You’ve likely been sending each other flirty texts for days leading up to the date. Witty, sexy, and intellectual banter is essential to keep Gemini interested. They’re pretty much up for anything provided their companion can match their gift of gab.

Playful spontaneity ranks high with the zodiac’s Twin

They’ll happily hop in the car and take a road trip to an unexplored town. Wandering through flea markets, riding the Ferris wheel at a random state fair, or having a lunch date at a great people-watching spot is perfectly fine by them.

As the zodiac’s Twin they love active dates that require clear cut partnership skills. Take a partner-dance workshop, play a game of mixed doubles tennis, spot each other at the rock climbing wall, duet on the karaoke mics. As your relationship progresses, they might even suggest coordinating outfits, adhering to a theme or general style that makes it obvious that you are two halves of a whole.

Activity ideas for dating a Gemini

  • Pick up two tickets to a concert or a dazzling immersive theater performance
  • Head to a controversial exhibit and discuss for hours over wine
  • (Partner) dance the night away at a club
  • Meet for coffee; they love to chat, especially with a good caffeine buzz
  • Go skydiving or try a flying trapeze
  • Head to a comedy club or funny movie
  • A road trip to a state fair or amusement park will have them bouncing in their seat
  • Take a hands-on workshop or a lesson, like motorcycle riding or snowboarding

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