Dating a Leo

So you’re dating a Leo or want to be. Here’s our guide to navigating first moves, knowing if it’s reciprocal, flirting and memorable date ideas.

Be camera ready if you’re dating a Leo. In other words, it’s: Lights, camera, action! This fire sign views life as a theatrical production, in which they naturally star as the brooding empath, the tragic lover, the lone hero.

There’s a good chance Leo has seen every romantic movie in their favorite genre, too—be it film noir, Hollywood classics, or retro teen dramas like Say Anything. A new love interest is just another chance for them to live vicariously as John Cusack or Audrey Hepburn, to act out their fantasies on life’s big stage.

First moves: How Leo woos you

Leo loves the art of wooship

You could even say it’s a hobby for them. The Lion is a predatory animal, so hunting is their game. It connects them to their prowess. Our Leo friend Kurt took a course with Mystery, star of the reality show The Pickup Artist, designed to help nerdy schleps score with women. Kurt has no problem getting laid, but per Mystery’s teachings, began wearing big coats and black eyeliner, diligently honing this “craft.” Another Leo we know began replying to Tinder profiles of people in open relationships as a means of exploring her own sex-positive nature—and attempting to manage her “jealousy issues.” This study brought mixed results, but she swears she regrets nothing.

Just because a Leo woos you with three dozen roses, a case of champagne and their own poetry doesn’t mean this is original material. You’ll have to wait and see whether they’re feeding their ego or genuinely want you on their adjacent throne if you’re dating a Leo.

Signs a Leo likes you

Some of the Lion’s typical hunting behaviors

  • They send you poetry or a link to watch a “life-changing” TED talk, channeled meditation or DJ set
  • They say it with flowers—enough to fill a small cottage
  • They serenade you in the middle of the street or post a gushing video about your work on social media
  • They become your indispensable best friend, accompanying you to every important event
  • They become part of your social activities and circles and start organizing entertainment for your friends
  • They insist that you remind them of their favorite movie star—and maybe start calling you by their idol’s name
  • They gush about how amazing you are to anyone who will listen, including you!
  • They parade you in front of all their friends like a sexy trophy
  • They outright proposition you or sweep you into a passionate kiss
  • They ask you to dance or sidle up to you on the dance floor
  • They send you concert tickets or a formal invitation to a black-tie event

Flirting with a Leo

It doesn’t take much to strike up a flirtation with Leo. Just talk to them. Every conversation with Leo is a playful interaction, a game of verbal cat and mouse. It doesn’t matter if it’s appropriate or not; Leo could make filing income taxes feel like you’ve done something dirty and forbidden. Flirtation is sexual energy—life force energy—and that’s the only fuel passionate Leo keeps in their tank. Dive right in!

Hunt them

Come on as strong as you want. Leo’s not afraid of your obvious advances. They’re rulers of the jungle, so the wilder you are, the better.

Pay attention to them

Aim your adoring gaze their way and they’ll soak it right up.

Let them hang out with you and your friends

Leo needs to feel like a VIP. If you let them into your inner circle, they know they’re in a privileged seat.

Crack a raunchy joke

Lusty Leo always has sex on the brain, so if you’ve got the mouth of a sailor, they’ll only roar with appreciative laughter. Note: don’t dish this out unless you can handle their even cruder comebacks. 

Reveal your wild sexual experiences

Leo loves to be privy to all your insider information. Talk about your threesomes, outdoor trysts, the time you got fined for indecent exposure when you were getting it on, in the backseat of a car.

Look them right in the eye

Direct eye contact signals power and confidence, two big aphrodisiacs for Leo. They don’t want to be with a partner who’s intimidated by them. Match their gaze if you’re dating a Leo.

Dating a Leo: Epic affairs

Leos are larger-than-life lovers who want each date to be an epic affair. Dinner and a movie will rarely suffice—not unless it’s followed up with hours of dancing and a break-of-dawn dessert at a 24-hour diner. Their lust for life is unmatched by most and it’s going to take a serious Energizer bunny to keep stride with the lion. Playful, passionate and fun, their ideal courtship feels like a huge celebration of life. Done right, there will be plenty of PDA. Leos are obsessed with the idea of being half of a power couple. If you’re dating a Leo, they want the world to know clearly that they’re with the prize catch in the room.

Leo rules the arts, particularly theater

Two tickets to a show are the perfect way to start out a date. Catch a Broadway musical or circus performance. See a sold-out arena show or score plum seats at the opening night of a hotly anticipated movie. Revel in the afterglow at a swanky lounge or club, preferably in the VIP section. They’re the zodiac’s royalty, after all, and their companion should understand that they are worthy of the pricey bottle service that comes along with dating royalty.

The dress code is as important as the date itself

Leos revel in any opportunity to adorn themselves. They love a costume party as much as an elegant affair. Any chance to seduce their sweetie with their naughty and wildly sexy attire will do. A thrill-seeker, dating a Leo might even mean skydiving or motorcycle racing. A trip to the amusement park can be a blast for more lowbrow days. Hopefully you love the wild roller coasters as much as they do!

What to do on a date with a Leo

  • Take a horse-and-buggy ride through the city
  • Buy tickets to a fun and thought-provoking musical, think: flashy costumes, fast-paced plot, lots of great singing, lots of laughs
  • Attend a lecture and discuss afterward over a rich, supersweet dessert
  • Amusement parks and state fairs give thrill-seeking Leos a rush
  • Head to a Renaissance fair and try all the activities like making candles and churning butter
  • Hit the spa for side-by-side massages
  • Go to a huge club and dance the night away

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