Dating a Libra

So you’re dating a Libra or want to be. Here’s our guide to navigating first moves, knowing if it’s reciprocal, flirting and memorable date ideas.

It’s all sweetness and light when a Libra pours their honey-coated charms on you. Classic romantic rituals and courtship are in this sign’s blood, and they make an art form out of the slow buildup to love if you are dating a Libra.

First moves: How Libra woos you

When dating a Libra, they love to spoil and be spoiled. You might find them holding court amid a gaggle of giggling beauties—or as the lipstick-wearing, ride-or-die tough chick in a rugged crew. Although they may seem to be flirting with everyone, Libra is surprisingly decisive about the kind of mate they want. Should you be “their type,” they’ll turn up the charm a notch higher to signal their pursuit.

Signs a Libra likes you

Here’s how a Libra lets you know they’re interested

  • They flirt shamelessly with you, teasing you while flashing their dimples and batting their long lashes and twirling their hair
  • They hand you their business card, letting you know how intriguing and powerful they are while not fully committing to flirting with you. Who knows? If it isn’t love, you could be another attractive client or a fixup for one of Libra’s single friends. They’re generous like that.
  • They stay on the phone with you for hours, listening raptly as you share stories from your childhood or helping you process a recent trauma
  • They take you out for a “lovely evening” under the stars or over dessert and tea
  • They give you a ride home, or walk you to your door—and linger for as long as you’ll let them
  • They invite you to take a yoga class, or join them for a meditation, sound bath, shamanic ceremony or any Zen activity
  • They send you a huge bouquet of non-generic flowers in your favorite color (Libra remembered because details matter!)
  • They write poetry about you and read it to you (on a picnic blanket or over a gourmet meal)
  • They tell their parents about you and start hinting at a home visit
  • They take you out and keep the night going and going…

Flirting with a Libra

To charming Libra, flirting is as natural as breathing. They love the whole mating dance, and they’ll shamelessly flirt with anyone who looks in their direction—bank tellers, cashiers, the dog walker. Want to wind this seductive sign around your finger and be dating a Libra? Try this:

Be a little immune to their charms

Nothing reels in a Libra more than the dynamic tension of someone playing slightly hard to get. Laugh at a couple of their jokes, then ignore the next one. Let them gaze into your eyes, then walk off and work the room. That push-pull thing will really rev them. Tip their carefully balanced scales back and forth and stir up some friction.

Share a deep, one-on-one conversation

There’s nothing that harmony-loving Libra loves more than connecting through a talk that lasts for hours…and hours. They love brains and beauty, so let your golden tongue captivate them.

Mirror them

Libra is the sign of partnership and equality, and they respond to subconscious cues that signal you’re in sync with them. Mirror their gestures, or “speak” to them with harmonious body language. Like perfectly balanced bookends, they’ll feel totally in tune with you. (Besides, there’s nothing a good-looking Libra loves more than their mirror.)

Make them laugh

Cleverness is a Libra passion (think of sharp-witted Libra Oscar Wilde), and it turns them on big-time. Crack them up with a shrewd little comment. They may be the only person in the room to catch your smart, sly sense of humor—and they’ll appreciate it.

Dress elegantly and impeccably

Libras are easily charmed by sophisticated people who carry themselves with grace. Delight their senses with your fine taste in fashion.

Dating a Libra: Pull out all the stops

Hopelessly romantic, dating a Libra will prolong the courtship phase for eternity. Wining and dining thrills this sign to no end. They love a date who pulls out all the stops, greeting them with a gift or fresh flowers, booking a table at a chic restaurant and gazing into their eyes over candlelit conversation.

An elegant dress code is a must

They’ll primp for hours for most of their dates, deliberating over hair and makeup, selecting the perfect outfit. Woe betide a date who fails to compliment Libra’s look. Flattery will get you everywhere but apathy is unforgivable when they’ve gone to such work to preen.

Prepare to splurge!

They adore art, so tickets to an exhibit, concert, dance performance, or “the theatah” scores big points with Libra. Prepare to splurge! Decadent Libras can never feel like they’re on the low-budget track. Meet for dessert at a posh pastry shop then browse through an indie bookstore together. Or, go dancing at an intimate club or take a long drive through the countryside. Libra needs to see a generosity in spirit to remain attracted.

They’ll happily stay out till the break of dawn if they’re having a good time. There’s nothing they love more than sharing celebratory vibes with their sweetie, singing and dancing.

Libras are keenly interested in the human spirit and might even take a date to a self-development workshop. Sound baths, healing circles, tantric yoga, discussion groups: baring souls will inevitably draw Libra closer if their open-heartedness is returned in kind.

What to do on a date with a Libra

  • Leisurely, expensive dinner at a posh restaurant
  • Walk on the beach, in the park, a long drive (talk in detail about your childhoods)
  • Head to a formal event, especially a wedding (they’ll get all sentimental)
  • See a legendary musician in concert at a huge arena
  • Go to a peaceful protest together
  • Feed each other dessert at an adorable patisserie
  • Wander through a bookstore together and share your finds
  • Staycation at a luxury hotel with in-room spa services 

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