Dating a Pisces

So you’re dating a Pisces or want to be. Here’s our guide to navigating first moves, knowing if it’s reciprocal, flirting and memorable date ideas.

As the sign that rules fantasy, dating a Pisces should feel like a great escape from the norm.

First moves: How Pisces woos you

Such sweet emotion! Such tender, longing gazes and doe-eyed worship. Pisces turns into a total mush when they’re into you. It’s the stuff of legendary romantic fables. And oh, how they love the fairy-tale style wooship.

There’s no commitment, not even the threat of it edging near just yet. There’s only the promise of pleasure…and perhaps a light serving of angst to go along with it. And that’s more than enough to get the zodiac’s Fish hooked on your lovin’ and hot on your trail.

Signs a Pisces likes you

How Pisces lures you into a sea of love

  • They write you poetry, make a playlist of rare and obscure songs (set to your ideal BPM), send flowers, do all the cheesy romantic stuff
  • They buy you extravagant gifts that are almost inappropriately lavish
  • They come up to you at a concert, festival or other live show and draw you into a meaningful discourse about the performance
  • They become your best friend and confidante, cooking you comfort food and streaming dramatic series with you—the perfect Sunday!
  • Candles, intimate dinners, movies, concerts: dating a Pisces means pulling out all the stops
  • They start appearing in your dreams: Yes, they did visit a psychic to help make that happen, and one day they’ll take you there for a reading.
  • They hover around, half-flirting and making cute banter that reveals their intuitive sense about you. So flattering!
  • They drop poetically suggestive comments that leave you wondering “do they like me?”
  • They start talking about other lovers: what they like, past relationships…are you getting the hint yet?
  • They get dopey, spluttery and tongue-tied around you
  • They nurse you through a breakup or health crisis; or help you grieve a tragedy
  • They subtly dis your current romantic interest to gain an advantage (“Are you really happy with them?” or “They don’t deserve you.” ClichĂ©, but somehow it works for them.)

Flirting with a Pisces

It’s not hard to flirt with Pisces. They love the dance of seduction, and it’s where they feel most free. Flirting is their chance to say the most outrageous things and not have to be accountable for them. It’s all just a game, with everything in a heightened state, just like they love it. Here’s how to rev their motor:

Intimidate them

They love to pursue someone who’s just out of their reach. They need to be in awe of you, so work that star quality and earn their worship if you are dating a Pisces.

Banter with them

Meet their sarcastic, cocky remarks with a prizewinning comeback of your own. They adore a sharp mind and cutting humor.

Fluster them

Show up with cool self-assurance if you’re dating a Pisces, unruffled by their charms. Pull the rug out from under them. One Pisces man had an amazing, all-day date with a woman. When he dropped her off at their door he said, “We’ve got to do this again.” She responded with, “We won’t be. I’m busy with work.” He chased her for weeks and later, they were married.

Create dynamic tension

Go ahead, be provocative when dating a Pisces. Disagree with them and say so openly. “Conflict is the only true creative space,” says James, a Pisces who works as a conflict mediation lawyer (and a sculptor—Pisces can’t work in the system unless they’re an artist on the side). Pisces will dive into the most heated conversations headfirst—so much for that laid-back, passive persona. Enjoy it now, before they put on the mask and stop showing you the most fascinating sides of themselves.

Act a little helpless

Pisces might be a pro at playing damsel in distress, but this Fish swims in two directions. Talk about a personal situation that has you flustered and you’ll have Pisces baited and hooked for hours.

Dating a Pisces: Ready to be swept away?

Meet at a dimly lit cocktail lounge and let the plan unfold from there. There’s nothing sexier to the Fish than in-the-moment spontaneity. Don’t be surprised if you find yourselves sneaking to the rooftop of a building for a killer view of the moon or slipping into a rollicking jazz club that they spy down an alley in transit to a totally different venue. Pisces are night owls and fashionistas who love dressing up. Whether they’re going to a live DJ set or a posh charity event, they love pulling together a sexy and eye-catching outfit for the affair.

They love to support the arts

Photography is a Pisces passion and they might even incorporate it into their date planning. Wander around with SLRs, composing pictures of unique architecture, street style portraits and shots of each other. They love to support the arts. A daytime hangout could include a walk through a friend’s gallery exhibit, while dates after dark often involve their sign’s favorite activity: checking out live music and dancing.

Spa day(s)

Pisces love to pamper themselves and may lure a date into a day spa with them. Soaking in pools, inhaling eucalyptus in the steam room, even taking a dip in a natural hot spring can be pure bliss. Since they’re treasure-hunters, drive to an antique district or outdoor flea market to dig for obscure finds. Poetry is a Pisces specialty. Pack a picnic basket with gourmet treats and a hardcover book with their favorite stanzas. Nestle down by a lake or pond (they’re a water sign) and spend the day reading and feeding each other.

What to do on a date with Pisces

  • Get palms read by a psychic or wander through a mystical book shop
  • Creative Pisces will appreciate anything artsy, from a museum exhibit to a student show
  • Visit a petting zoo or volunteer for a day at an animal shelter
  • Dance the night away at an intimate, dimly-lit club
  • Wine-tasting is a favorite escape for Pisces, but watch out—they can drink like a fish!
  • Walk along the beach and go skinny-dipping if the mood strikes!
  • Cook dinner together, food = sensuality for them
  • Pisces loves to play hooky so skip work and go for a road trip to a quaint town with lots of antique shops or flea markets

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