Dating an Aquarius

So you’re dating an Aquarius or want to be. Here’s our guide to navigating first moves, knowing if it’s reciprocal, flirting and memorable date ideas.

Subtlety goes out the window when you’re dating an Aquarius. From the first moment they set their sights on you, actually. Learn more dating this air sign.

First Moves: How Aquarius woos you

An Aquarius shines in casual first interactions and will fearlessly approach you. Like peacocks, they preen and show off to get your attention. They love a good game, and the playful art of seduction is as good a sport as any.

Although they may just walk up to you and introduce themselves, they can also coolly hold back, leaving you tortured and guessing: Do they like me?

They may also go over the top at first. Miguel, an Aquarius chef, says he gets a woman’s attention by “preparing her a seven-course tasting menu with paired wines.” (Where do we sign up?!)

Before letting you into their heart, Aquarius is damn-near impervious to rejection. It’s only after they’ve invested hopes and feelings that things get tricky. At first, they can just make a joke out of the whole thing if you blow them off. (Don’t be surprised if you end up as comic material for their next improv sketch.)

Signs an Aquarius likes you

Here’s how an Aquarius signals their initial interest

  • Walks up and makes an outrageous “joke” or remark—you’ll either slap them or banter back, which will be the most hilarious exchange you’ve had in ages
  • They ask a lot of questions about you, and are really fascinated with your answers, responding with neuroscience statistics, song lyrics and book recommendations
  • Twitches or darts around nervously
  • Teases you like a second grader in a schoolyard
  • Starts giving you well-meaning but unsolicited advice to show you how smart and indispensable they are (plus, they genuinely want to help you)
  • Asks you a shockingly bold question about your personal life while remaining tight-lipped about their own
  • Shows off like a little a circus performer and may wow you with a gymnastic feat or mic-dropping karaoke skills
  • Asks you to go hang out—it all begins with friendship
  • Traps you into an intense, unblinking, lock-gazed conversation—then snatches their attention away

Flirting with an Aquarius

It’s not hard to flirt with an Aquarius. You only need two things: a pulse and a voice. Since Aquarius is always playful and joking, they flirt with everyone. Of course, this gets them into trouble, but heck, they love trouble anyway. The key is to know the difference between friend flirting (in other words, playful banter), and seduction flirting, which looks more like this:

Laugh at their jokes and throw one back

Be playful and receptive, but show you’ve got bite when dating an Aquarius. They admire a clever, dexterous mind.

Listen to their theories about the origin of the universe

Aquarius loves to talk about life, people and ideas. This is the sign who keeps a stack of psychology books on their nightstand. Have one of those deep, mind-melding exchanges where you pontificate on everything from conspiracy theories to quantum physics.

Play-fight with them

There’s a kid in every Aquarius, to set your maturity meter at second-grade level. Let them pull your hair and steal your math homework. Play-fight with them. Get immature and silly and sporty. A game of touch football, or any opportunity to tackle you? Even better.

Be impressed, but not too impressed

Aquarius can be an “up-dater,” wanting to lock in the best of the best. If you’re too starry-eyed about dating an Aquarius, they’ll bore quickly. Be equal parts available and aloof; challenge them if you disagree. They love a puzzle, so be your best multi-dimensional self.

Flaunt your quirks and uniqueness

Toot your own kazoo and be a fearless individual. If you’re world traveled or have a special talent (circus performer, literature expert, neuroscientist), talk about it. Never dumb yourself down, or they’ll move right on to the next person.

Dating an Aquarius: Best friends with benefits

Aquarius is the friendship sign, and being buddies is an essential ingredient to the attraction for them. They’re looking for a best friend with benefits; someone who can roll from a basketball game to a brewpub and maybe on to an arts festival from there.

Sporty and active, they’re not looking for a fussy affair

You’ll happily meet a date for a day of hiking, a live lecture, or even a surfing lesson. Yoga on the beach, followed by a picnic? Fine by them! As a relationship progresses, they might join a sports league together or crew a sailboat as a couple.

Aquarians pride themselves on being original and avant-garde

Meet up for a sci-fi film festival, experimental theater performance, transcendental meditation workshop, or to hear a known guru channel an ancient spirit.

Aquarians love being around people

So crowded sports events, concerts, and outdoor festivals are fine places to bond while dating an Aquarius. While they may not give a date their undivided attention, they love sharing these experiences. Besides, they’re not looking for a mate who needs babysitting. If you can both work the room like social butterflies, you may soon be sharing a cocoon for two.

Humor is a must!

They love to laugh and their wit is sharp and wicked. Take Aquarius to a comedy club or karaoke bar, where their ridiculous rendition of a 90s ballad leaves the crowd in stitches. Ride bumper cars or dress in matching costumes on a random day, just because. Anything that verges on the absurd is the perfect way to stir up romance in their universe.

What to do on a date:

  • Go (with friends) to an indie film festival or sports game
  • Have dinner and drinks at a trendy new club, bar, restaurant
  • Go running or work out together––a great way to sneak in some quality time and get a sporty fix
  • Volunteer together at an animal shelter or charity
  • Sign up for a metaphysical workshop to explore life’s spiritual dimension
  • Head to a comedy club or offbeat, funny movie
  • Make posters and go to a protest together
  • Spend the day wandering around a cool city, exploring and taking artsy photos of each other

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