Aquarius Home Decor Horoscope

Home is a high-traffic zone for Aquarius, so why not turn it into an art gallery? The Aquarius home decor profile includes all things modern and futuristic, like this sign. And the Aquarius home should reflect that.

How to decorate your home if you’re an Aquarius

Go light on the antiques and overstuffed furniture, and decorate with strong, graphic pieces like a contemporary leather sofa on a steel frame or a velvet setee in an eye-popping hue. Hardwood floors and modern materials like glass and steel may be less cozy, but you like it that way. You’ll have plenty of friends dropping by, so create a space that accommodates high traffic and cleans up easily. With your soft spot for animals, you probably have a few pets around to greet visitors.

Aquarius home decor astrology tips

Your zodiac symbol is the Water Bearer, so fill your home with vases and pitchers. If you’ve got the means, add an indoor waterfall, a goldfish pond or a soothing Zen fountain. You love vibrant hues and the colors of the ocean, like blue, violet, indigo and salmon. As an air sign, you need a roomy space with lots of ventilation. Sunlight, big windows, and dangling plants create the airy feeling of space you crave.

Aquarians have eclectic taste, and you’ll accessorize with colorful paintings and treasures. Fill your home with totally unique touches, like hand-painted tiles or blown-glass light fixtures designed by a talented local artist. You also love mixed–medium work, like sculptures combining metal and wood, or hanging mobiles of wire and glass. Graphic prints go great on your wall, and as the sign of revolutionary, you may frame photos of political icons. With your natural creativity, you could even display your own artwork.

Keep your bedroom simple, and turn the spare bedroom into a home office. Invest in a beautiful desk and the latest computer, with a jumbo monitor and tiny, space-age speakers. You’ll spend plenty of time chatting with friends, e-mailing and brewing up your next big idea. Make it your haven!


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