Capricorn Home Decor Horoscope

Capricorn home decor leans on quality craftsmanship. This sign will choose pieces that stand the test of time.

How to decorate your home if you’re a Capricorn

Traditional Capricorn, you value style that stands the test of time. You may go minimalist, using muted colors, steel furniture and sparse decor. Or you may be quite the collector, spending your weekends curating haute architectural salvage, vintage oil paintings, and any rare collectible that is worth a mint.

Design-obsessed Capricorns will sacrifice comfort for style, but don’t forget that your home is a place to relax. Sure, that Le Corbusier chair and severe modernist couch will make for great talking pieces. But you also need to kick up your feet! Make sure you bring in enough cozy pieces for your chill time. Aim for a nice blend of heart and soul, classic and modern, comfortable and utilitarian, prefab and handmade, and you’ll strike an attractive balance.

Capricorn home decor astrology tips

Capricorn is the “father sign,” and your furniture could have a stately feel. You may be drawn to grandfather clocks, large armoires, leather sofas, or a cherrywood cabinet full of fine china. With your own hardworking nature, you value great craftsmanship and handworked touches. When you sense that a person took his time to create something, you want to honor that spirit.

A great work area is vital for you, so invest in a gorgeous desk made of solid wood or steel and a supportive leather chair. Add flourishes like a gold pen and inkwell, a monogrammed letter opener, and metaphysical touches like a hunk of crystal and a divination deck for those moments when you are on decision overload.

If you’re a workaholic, hire a decorator or enlist a stylish friend, because it could take forever for you to find basic furniture. Worse, you might buy everything in one shot, regretting half the purchases when they arrive. Remember, decorating is a form of self-expression, not just a practical necessity, so take time to do it right. You need a homey, cozy space to return to after a hard day’s work; you get depressed without a place to recharge.

You’re also quietly nostalgic, so incorporate family pieces, memorabilia and framed photos into your decor scheme. As the sign of achievement, you should display awards, trophies or anything that honors your accomplishments. You can be a bit obsessive about having things just so, and may not invite guests over as a result. However, if you’re too isolated, your spirits sink. Temper this by creating a cozy living room that serves as a “play area” for your cherished family and friends.


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