Leo Entertaining Style

Leo entertaining is about transporting your guests to a magical environment, sparing no detail or expense.

The Leo host

To a Leo, parties are for one thing: putting on a show. Whether the center of attention is you, a live band you hired, or a jaw-dropping feast you’ve prepared, your soirees are always extravagant. You want people to walk into an atmosphere of abundance, transported from their everyday worlds into a magical one where everything is larger than life.

You’ve danced on the bar and hyped up the crowds from the DJ booth in your day. Hey, you know how to get the party started! You’ll heat up the action and be the last one to leave. You’ll also dress to turn heads, putting together an unforgettable outfit and styling your trademark mane into an eye-catching ‘do. Glamour is your birthright, and you know how to flaunt it.

Does Leo like to party?

Leos love to give gifts, and no one will leave without a party favor or full-on swag bag. You might just wake up to find guests still passed on on spare beds and sofas after one of your fetes. No one likes leaving the luxury of your lion’s den! Even if the party is for you (and you’re not too shy to celebrate yourself), everyone will still feel like the guest of honor. You’ll toast your friends, shower them with hugs and kisses, listen raptly to their tales and roar with laughter. Noise violations are the least of your worries. If and when the authorities arrive, you’ll hand them a cocktail and drag them onto the dance floor.

Some Leos need to watch a tendency to act like spoiled brats. Yes, you’re astrological royalty, but don’t treat your guests like your fanbase. Some Leos have been known to throw a diva-like temper tantrum, or sob in the corner while your best friend hooks up with your secret crush. It’s your party, and you’ll cry if you want to, but if you’re not having the time of your life, it’s probably a sign that you need to upgrade your friends. Not a problem for your enchanting sign. Just beam your sunny personality towards a new crew and watch your popularity soar.


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