Leo Family Dynamics Horoscope

While every household will play by different rules, understanding each zodiac sign’s innate domestic style can help you sort it out.

What it like living with a Leo?

The Leo family member is playful and fun-loving.

Family outing, anyone? No matter what their age, they’re the biggest kid in the bunch. Fun-loving and free-spirited, they just want to play—and their relatives will thank you for it. The Leo family member will organize the annual reunion, the family skit nights, holiday dinners, and the weeklong trip to Disneyland. Their attitude is always: the more, the merrier. Their family will include at least one stray friend who they’ve adopted into their clan.

As the sign that rules celebrations, they know how to make every occasion feel special and festive. Like Leo Martha Stewart, they’re all about the bells and whistles. They often create a complex decoration scheme or costume theme for their family fetes.

They believe in nurturing their children’s creativity and passions. From art classes to music lessons to summer sports leagues, they’re the official Parent Taxi. Who knows? They might even spawn a child star. No matter, their kids will grow up feeling as if they can be and do anything they set their hearts on.

They like to be babied and fawned over by relatives, too. The Leo family member thrives on praise from parents and other adoring kin. Any chance to flaunt their gifts—and be applauded for them—is their idea of the perfect family bonding time. Organize a talent show, karaoke night or pageant for a gathering, and it could turn into an annual tradition!

Astrology tip for living with a Leo

The Leo family member has a huge heart, and less scrupulous relatives have been known to take advantage of their kindness. They have to be careful to not be so quick to reach for their wallet when a loved one is in a jam. While they’re only trying to help, they could wind up creating unhealthy dependencies. Teaching their kids the value of a dollar is important too. Spoiling them can backfire, making it hard for them to operate as adults in the world.


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