Libra Friendship

A Libra friendship means having someone who will stand by your side. We threw in a gift guide for your Libra friend, too.

Loving Libra makes gentle, patient and sweet friends. Being the sign that rules relationships, they are genuinely interested in knowing people. They don’t mind getting involved in friends’ inner lives. They will stand by your side from beginning to end, helping you work through an issue one step at a time. Because of their ability to look below the surface, they develop deep connections with people from different backgrounds—many Libras even get “adopted” into another culture.

As much as they can dish it out, however, they seem to have trouble taking their own advice. In the name of keeping things harmonious, they often put other people’s needs ahead of their own. When it comes to making decisions about their own life, they can get stuck endlessly weighing the pros and cons. If they don’t learn how to let go and take a chance on themselves, they may become bitter and jealous, turning away from people and choosing the loner route. Learning to find the balance between giving to themselves and giving to others can help them enjoy the satisfying friendships they crave.

Hanging out with a Libra friend

Family and old friends are important fixtures in the lives of sentimental Libra. Simply put, Libras crave unconditional love. They are hard on themselves, so they need people they can talk to; people who will listen patiently as they figure out how they really feel about a situation. Closed-up or cold people will only send Libra into a downward spiral, making them wonder things like, “Am I overreacting?”

At the end of the day, Libra just wants a partner-in-crime (or two!) to accompany them on various explorations. While they crave adventure, they often hesitate before taking a chance. Friends of Libra must be inspiring, even daring. Whether that means holding their hand or just stepping out first and taking a risk, helping them face the fear factor is one of the most valuable gifts a friend can give this sign.

Gift guide: The perfect presents for a Libra friend

  • Expensive beauty products
  • Designer clothes and shoes
  • Music and motivational programs
  • Dance lessons
  • Tickets to a sold-out concert or play
  • Spa treatments

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