Libra Money Horoscope

Libra is ruled by Venus, the ancient Roman goddess who was well-practiced in the art of indulgence. You love the beautiful life—mingling, fine dining and socializing—and often spend money without thinking. Libra money management can be a challenge but isn’t impossible.

Libra money management style

You can be easily seduced by get-rich-quick scams because you’d rather avoid the hard work of budgeting. Although you hate being rushed, you have no patience when it comes to going without the things you want. Just don’t forget to balance your scales (and your checkbook) by budgeting for necessities, like rent and bills.

Libra money habits: Is Libra good with money?

Day-to-day purchases are your downfall. You may overspend on luxury experiences, then get cheap about everyday items. Or worse, you borrow money you can’t pay back to cover an already overcharged account. Your family may be accustomed to giving you loans that you take a while to repay, but with your natural charm, they quickly forgive the debt.

You don’t always have to go for the best (read: most expensive) thing you find, even though your taste dictates it—just learn the art of delayed gratification instead. Look for things that appreciate in worth over time, and value what you already have. Libras make savvy investors and once you learn the basics of financial management, you can quickly make a dollar out of fifteen cents, as the saying goes.

Favorite splurges for Libra

Fresh flowers, high-end clothes, art prints, hardcover books, framed photos of yourself and your friends, custom furniture, five-star meals, social events, concerts, movies, music, photography equipment

How can Libra make more money?

How can Libra attract more wealth? Libra is the zodiac sign that rules relationships, so teamwork will help you advance. Pick your partners wisely, though, as you’re easily charmed and seduced by fast talkers. When it comes to investing, your tendency to vacillate and consider every possible angle might make you miss valuable opportunities. To fight your natural indecisiveness, team up with a friend or partner who excels at budgets and balances.

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