Lunar Return Astrology: Emotional Cycles

Do you ever have days where you’re inexplicably emotional? You check the calendar and nope, it’s not PMS—but guess what? These heightened sensitivities might be part of another type of moon cycle. We’re talking about the lunar return, a day every month where the moon returns to the exact sign and degree where it was positioned when you were born.

What is my moon sign? 

In astrology, the moon governs our feelings. Your natal moon sign is determined by the moon’s position in the sky at your exact time of birth. It will fall in one of the 12 zodiac signs and be at a degree from 0º-29º, since every zodiac sign takes up thirty degrees of the 360º circle.

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What does that mean for me personally? 

Your moon sign is the astrological indicator of your emotional temperament. Said another way, if the moon is the emo lead in the movie of your life, the zodiac sign it falls in determines how you process all those feels.

For example, let’s say you were born with a watery Pisces moon. Because you are so compassionate, you may plunge into the worst case scenario one minute then flip into denial the next as you escape with music, romance or even an addictive substance that numbs the pain. Eventually, you may develop an enlightened spiritual perspective that makes you a wise counselor for struggling empaths. Do you know your moon sign? You can read all about your moon sign here!

How often do you have a lunar return? 

Since the moon orbits through the entire 360º zodiac wheel in 28-29 days, it will pass by the point of your natal moon sign once every month. This moment is called your lunar return. 

Okay, so is lunar return important? 

During your lunar return you may experience:

  • Heightened empathy and sensitivity to emotional currents
  • An inability to “detach” and be intellectually objective—feelings rule the day!
  • Creative inspiration sourced from your emotions
  • Motivation to make cathartic art
  • Waves of intense feelings about troubling  situations you’ve ignored or allowed
  • A sense of being easily triggered
  • Desire for nurturing, comfort and TLC
  • Greater need for privacy
  • Sleepiness and active nesting instincts
  • Stronger boundaries about touch and affection—sorry random “huggers”!
  • Increased emotional intelligence
  • Productivity when working alone or at home
  • Inspiration around decorating your personal space
  • A need to bond with your inner circle and family
  • Relief from sharing your feelings with understanding people

When will my lunar returns be this year?

Good news! We have a lunar return calculator from our friends at Follow this link:

Plug in your birthday and you’ll see when the transiting moon is due to hit that same degree as your natal moon every month. 

How should I celebrate a lunar return?

In an ideal world, we’d all get to take personal days during our monthly lunar returns. With our introspective powers charged up, these days might not be the most productive by the laws of the material world. But emotionally, we can move mountain-sized blocks if we give ourselves the space and grace to tune into our deeper signals. 

Can you find an hour or even fifteen minutes to drop into a meditative state? Turn off devices and take yourself on a walk. Listen to a guided track on YouTube with eyes closed. Anything you can do to create a comforting space and spark your hidden creativity is a plus.

Are lunar returns like other planetary returns?

As a matter of fact, yes. All planetary returns work the same way. They are moments when a heavenly body returns to the same location on the zodiac wheel where it was positioned when you were born. 

You may have heard of the Saturn return, a buzzed-about rite of passage that happens for everyone near your 29th birthday. This is the moment when Saturn has done a complete orbit through the zodiac and revisits the same degree on the wheel as your natal Saturn. Since the ringed planet is much farther from the Sun than our moon, these passages only happen once every 29.5 years. The second Saturn return takes place in your mid-50s and if you live through your 80s, you’ll have a third one. Find out how to navigate your Saturn return here!


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