What Your Mars Sign Says About Your Sex Drive, Desire & Determination

Understanding your Mars sign can indicate the assertive, driving force behind many of your actions; your passion, determination and even combat style. 

Your Mars sign and your Sun sign combined make up a more in-depth portrait of your personality. For instance, if you are have an Aries Mars sign in your natal chart, it means that when you were born, Mars was traveling through the Aries zodiac sign.

In astrology, warrior Mars is the ruler of aggro Aries—the first sign of the zodiac. (Cosmic fact: Mars is actually the Roman version of the Greek god Ares.) Passionate Mars spawns a primal energy and an innate desire to dominate. For example: What’s your fighting style? Are you combative, passive, manipulative..? The zodiac sign of your Mars in your chart will show how you do battle. Mars’ influence in your chart can even help you enjoy a more fulfilling sex life.

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Aries Mars Sign (Domicile)
If you were born with Mars in Aries, you’re a deeply driven go-getter and a fierce trailblazer. Since instinctual Mars is the natural ruler of Aries, you tend to feel right at ease in your power and swagger. Astrologers say that Mars is “domicile” in the sign of Aries because this zodiac sign is its home base. In romance, others are attracted by your intensity, confidence and straightforward communication style—and you won’t back down from a debate. Some people may see you as combative, but they’ll be happy to have you as an ally or even an advocate. When you go to bat for people you generally hit a home run, which can make you an amazing agent or representative. Being born with lusty Mars in assertive Aries gives you a strong libido. It might be a challenge to find romantic partners who can keep up with your sexual appetite. Aries is symbolized by the charging Ram, which means you can indeed be persistent. When you feel a spark, you’d rather risk rejection and tell people directly and honestly—yes, even if you’ve been burned in the past. Just be careful you don’t come on TOO strong and cross other people’s boundaries. Aries rules the head and your noggin may be an erogenous zone. Just watch what happens when someone gives you a scalp massage, touches your face seductively, or better yet, gives your hair a sexy tug. Rawr! On a bad day, you may struggle to keep fiery emotions in check. Your temper can easily flare and sometimes blaze into a full-on rage. But before you pick a fight, take a cool-down break to figure out whether or not it’s REALLY worth it. It’s probably better to channel that anger into a passion project or an activist cause worth fighting for—after you’ve hit the gym hard!

Taurus Mars Sign
With Mars in earthy Taurus, you are industrious, practical and tenacious. You’ll work tirelessly to obtain financial security—mostly because you like to be comfortable, but also because you love the finer things in life. Sensual by nature, lavish decor and gourmet dining are total turn-ons. You’ll spare no expense when you’ve saved up enough to treat yourself! Fortunately, you’ve got the work ethic (and patience) to keep the coffers full. Having the restless red planet in the sign of the slow and steady Bull can be a bit of a paradox: you can wind up feeling agitated when you are rushed AND when you’re delayed. What upsets you most, however, is when your material needs aren’t being met. But you also realize that laying a solid foundation takes time and you may prefer the stability of a 9-to-5 job or a steady, “safe bet” client over anything entrepreneurial. But this can limit your wealth-building goals, so it may be wise to develop a greater risk appetite in this lifetime. Extreme stubbornness is a pitfall of this Mars placement: You can dig in your heels, even to the point of getting stuck in a rut. It might take an older family member or a mentor figure to pull you out of that hole and set you off on a more productive path. As a lover, you bring a multi-sensory experience to the bedroom along with your skillful touch. Seduction is truly art form for you! Scented candles, sexy-time playlists, even feasts served in bed are your kind of aphrodisiac. Spa treatments too: luxuriate with massage oils or a perfumed bubble bath, or splurge on side-by-side bodywork treatments with bae. Taurus rules the throat, and a lover who kisses your neck artfully—or has a killer singing voice—could make you putty in their hands.

Gemini Mars Sign
If you were born with Mars in Gemini, the way to your heart (and bed!) is through the mind. Since you’re aroused by stimulating and intellectual conversation, brainy raconteurs will have you at “hello.” (Or a few witty exchanges thereafter.) With warrior Mars in this expressive sign, you may actually get aroused by a heated debate. The person who dares to challenge you can be the one who turns you on, and fiercely so, even if your values seem diametrically opposed! But to keep the fires burning for the long haul, there must also be plenty of common ground since you DO have Mars in the sign of the Twins. Ultimately, you need someone flexible who can keep up with your ever-shifting persona. Brainstorming zanily innovative ideas can also provoke passion with a partner—especially if they add their own dynamic ideas to the collective. Dextrous Gemini also rules the hands and this Mars placement can give you manual stimulation skills par excellence. Roaming fingertips (yours or theirs) can be your favorite playtime activity—and besides sending a partner into paroxysms of pleasure, you may have a talent for actually making things by hand. Writing and communication fields can also call your name. You have an ability to boil down complex ideas into simpler sound bytes, which makes you an excellent teacher—and Tweeter! Caveat: Mars in Gemini can make you argumentative and sometimes prone to flying off the handle about minor grievances. Usually, this is a result of not vocalizing your needs or clarifying your feelings. It can help to regularly scribble some of those thoughts in a journal—or to engage in talk therapy that can allow you make sense of those jumbled up thoughts moving through your head at lightning speed.

Cancer Mars Sign
Home is where the HEAT is for those born with Mars in private, domestic Cancer. You’re at your sultriest behind closed doors, especially in your own, well-appointed home. You rule in the kitchen, the bedroom and everywhere in between—whether you’re whipping up a gourmet feast or whipping off layers of clothing, and then “power cuddling” after marathon lovemaking. No apologies for wanting to be held tightly—you literally NEED that. It’s kind of like being in a sensual Crab shell. Plus, that feeling of safety can be a huge turn on for you, and it doesn’t hurt that affectionate TLC releases the feel-good, bonding hormone oxytocin. Once you trust someone with your tender emotions, you can’t get close enough! Nesting and building a family (if not with kids, with pets) is the goal. You may fall for a partner who woos you with home-cooked meals and nostalgic tales of their childhood and relatives. Warning: with aggro Mars in this emo water sign, you can be moodier than most, with a tendency to tear up at the drop of a dime. In fact, Mars is said to be “in fall” in the sign of Cancer, meaning this is one of the more challenging signs for the red planet to be housed in. It makes sense: Mars is fierce and flamboyant, while Cancer is nurturing and private. As such, you might also have a prickly outer shell which belies your tender sensitivity. Working from home might be best for your productivity, or in a smaller office where the staff has a family vibe. Conflict with coworkers (or even a cooler reception) can literally ruin your days. Learning not to take everything so personally can make it easier for you to function outside your own four walls. (Or at least finding techniques to give your emotions some private airtime before you respond and react!) With warrior Mars in this family-focused sign, you are fiercely protective of your loved ones. No one crosses your clan without feeling some serious retribution. A tense home life can be especially challenging for a young Mars in Cancer. If your biological family didn’t provide a safe haven, you may spend your adult life remixing the past by creating a “chosen family,” and being the ultimate caretaker and homemaker for those you love.

Leo Mars Sign
All the world is a stage for those born with Mars in expressive Leo. Flamboyant and magnanimous, you rarely hit the “off” button. And why should you when life is so full of beauty, fun and entertaining adventures? Pleasure and playtime are what this hedonistic Mars placement lives for. A born performer, your effusive energy can steal any show—and you can always be counted on to pump up the passion and fun in a social situation. If you’re not the thespian type, you may show your regal Mars mojo by taking the lead at work. This placement makes you “presidential” by nature (and can we get a “Yassss Queen!” please?) and you often wind up in charge by default. Just make sure you share the stage—and the power!—from time to time, or people may see you as dominating. And check yourself when you get too thirsty for praise, too. You’re at your best when you’re working for a noble purpose instead of the shiny gold star. (Not that you can’t have both.) When it comes to love, you’re big into the courtship rituals—and those date nights had better give you bragging rights when you’re debriefing around the brunch table. Cheap or unromantic types can step to the left. You need red roses delivered to the office, serenades outside your bedroom window, and dress-up dates that peg you as the power couple about town. Having Mars in the sign of the openhearted, proud Lion, makes you unafraid to gush. In fact, Leo rules the heart and the upper back. You’ll take a live reading of love poems followed by a seductive massage, thanks. (Mmmm…) You may tend to take charge in the boudoir, but you ultimately want to bond in a playful way that makes both you and your partner feel safe and treasured.

Virgo Mars Sign
Details, details, details! The so-called “little things” are actually EVERYTHING to those born with Mars in fastidious Virgo. You’re a keen and critical thinker on a permanent “make better” mission. Everything can and should be improved as far as you’re concerned! But you’re not trying to be fussy or difficult. Mars in Virgo makes you service-oriented by nature, and your advice is generally coming from a helpful place. Even if people resist hearing it at first, they inevitably admit that you’re right. Just try not to hammer them with the “I told you so’s” when they do, or hold them to unrealistic expectations! With athletic Mars in this wellness-fixated sign, taking great care of your body may be an obsession. You may live at the gym/shala/Pilates studio and probably the cold-pressed, organic juice bar too. You might even find your fortune in the wellness world, guiding people to improve their lives on every level. Warning: an obsession with going “clean and green” can go overboard causing you to be unnecessarily self-critical. Stressing over a missed workout or a sugar binge (or analyzing the psychological reason behind why you slipped) is not worth the brain space! Learning to “keep it moving” after a so-called fail can bring you major serenity. In love, your attention to detail comes in handy. You know exactly what your partner wants and needs, and you’ll do everything in your power to be of service to them! With Mars in anxious Virgo you also may require a clearly defined relationship status—perhaps before you even unzip a single item of clothing. Having the sign of the Virgin lord over your lustiness can be, well, interesting. You may need a relaxation ritual like meditation, or non-sexual touch before you can move into the erotic space. Clean sheets, pleasant scents and a freshly-showered and well-groomed partner are also musts! And also privacy—cameras off, please.

Libra Mars Sign (Detriment)
Talk about a paradox! Mars is the planet of combat while Libra is the sign of harmony. Being born with the red planet in this placement can make you a “peaceful warrior” like (Libra Sun sign) Gandhi who changed the world through the art of passive resistance. But it can also be challenging to synthesize those two forces: Astrologers say that Mars is “in detriment” in Libra because this zodiac sign is actually opposite on the horoscope wheel from Aries, the sign that Mars rules. A natural diplomat, you have a gift for creating (and keeping!) the balance in relationships. You know how to set the tone for love and respect in a powerful way, leading by example or even drafting a mission statement or guidelines for any groups that you’re a part of. With the justice-seeking Scales governing your Mars, you insist on fairness. If anything can get your temper to flare, it’s inhumane treatment of people or animals. You may, however, have a tendency to suppress your anger, which can be unhealthy and even lead to disease if you don’t unleash it. Finding healthy outlets to release any pent-up rage should be something you consciously seek as a wellness goal. But since anything that isn’t “beautiful” can make your skin crawl, try singing! Belting out a power ballad at karaoke or in your car might be the best outlet—and a calming breath-work exercise, to boot. Partner dancing can also be a great release. Having Mars in relationship-oriented Libra makes you keen to pair off—so much so that you can pressure yourself to lock down a spouse before you’ve properly explored your dating options. (And there may be a secret Bridezilla in you since you probably dreamed of your wedding since you saw your first Disney flick.) There’s no way around it though: you’re a hopeless romantic who wants/needs to find The One. No skipping those courtship rituals! Fairy-tale encounters are the precursor to mind-blowing sex for you. Your idea of foreplay involves a dozen roses and a five-course dinner, followed by two tickets to a show (ideally in the VIP section). You love to be treated—and you’ll treat in return after your “pillow princess” moment. Aesthetics are essential, and you simply cannot settle for a partner who doesn’t please you visually. Of course, you’re willing to give as good as you get, adorning yourself with decadent accoutrements that would make the love goddess Venus herself a tad envious. As far as you’re concerned, the boudoir experience won’t be hot unless it’s haute. Think: luxe scented candles, rose petals scattered all over the bed, expensive lingerie and breakfast in bed the morning after, obvi! Since Libra rules the, er, lower back, you need a different kind of booty call. Now, where is that feather tickler riding crop?

Scorpio Mars Sign
There’s no such thing as “too intense” for those born with Mars in Scorpio. You love to dial up the passion to level: extreme. That’s what makes every situation memorable as far as you’re concerned. You’d rather laugh until your stomach hurts than merely chuckle, or deep dive into a friend’s relationship drama to mine the golden wisdom than proffer a surface platitude. Since most mortals can’t hang with your range, you may go through life feeling as if very few people understand you. Your true tribe—and romantic soulmate—will mirror your emotional complexity and embrace the full-spectrum feelings that you bring to the mix. And most of all, they won’t be scared off when you have one of your meltdown moments, crying, obsessing and shaking your fist to the sky. Being THAT vulnerable is hard for you, but you need to feel safe going there with friends and romantic partners. Intensifier Mars is actually happy in the passionate sign of Scorpio; in fact before astronomers knew that Pluto (Scorpio’s ruling star) existed, Mars was considered the ruling planet of Scorpio, along with Aries. It may take you longer than most people to find The One since you’re a bit of a rare (and complicated) bird. Don’t give up hope that your person exists! But DO give up on trying to turn an average schmo into a soulmate—and learn to weed out the losers quickly. Scorpio is associated with the underworld and you may be attracted to people with “a past,” or brooding, simmering qualities. Goodbyes are especially hard for you since Mars in play-for-keeps Scorpio can make you possessive AND obsessive. As result, you may waste years pining for an unrequited attraction—often because you confused one night of mind-blowing sex with true love! After enough trial runs, you’re likely to lock in a legendary love affair that will last a lifetime. As a true master of seduction, sexual energy simply oozes out of you. But with Mars in this deeply private sign, you may only turn on your full-tilt eroticism behind closed doors. (That said, you may lean toward sexy clothes that fit your body well and show off your creative flair.) When it comes to your drive, you draw from a deep well and regenerate quicker than many. Most people can’t keep up with your productivity—and when you see a goal in your crosshairs, you’ll work tirelessly to pursue it. But careful not to get ruthless and single-minded in your quest. On one hand, you could be capable of the Scorpion sting through manipulation, while on the other, you could rise like the Phoenix from the proverbial ashes and guide others through their darkest times back into the light.

Sagittarius Mars Sign
If you were born with Mars in Sagittarius, you’re passionate about exploring the world. You’re also a wisdom seeker who loves learning about high-minded spiritual and philosophical ideologies from many cultures. Globetrotting Sagittarius rules travel, and you’re happiest while on the road, whether you’re meandering along a cobblestone street in Rome or trekking the Incan Trail! You’re outdoorsy by nature, too. With athletic Mars in Sagittarius, al fresco fitness is your jam. Think: hiking, mountain climbing, bike riding and even camping. Mars is competitive and you may be fierce on the court AND in the stands cheering on your favorite team! No one can hold you back or reign in your eternal optimism.You’re a “no limits solider” with warrior Mars in expansive Sagittarius. But easy does it with the gambling! This capricious cosmic energy can make you a daredevil who takes unnecessary risks with your finances AND your personal safety. Living for the moment—or even for some lofty goal—could complicate your future if you don’t take practical considerations into account. But your bounce back rate is also higher than most—lucky for you! In love, you prefer a free-spirited and adventurous partner who’s also a best friend. Monogamy might not do it for you in this lifetime, so if you don’t want to remain the eternal bachelor(ette), you might find a partner who is willing to be more flexible about certain arrangements. Better to be open about your unbounded lust than to sneak around—especially since Sagittarius is the sign of candor and honesty. Even if you are the one-person type, you’ll need lots of autonomy within the relationship to develop your personal hobbies, and connect to all the fascinating humans on planet Earth. As the sign of the bold Archer, you like someone who is a little bit of a challenge—strong-willed and able to stand up to you. Having a solid physical, emotional and spiritual connection to your partner is also a must. Your aphrodisiac: contemplating the meaning of life together while cuddling under the stars. Because of your boundless craving for thrilling experiences, you might get a rush from making out in semi-public places and “almost” getting caught—or literally being observed in the act. Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs and these areas can be total erogenous zone—and quite possibly the reason why you may meet your mate on the dance floor!

Capricorn Mars Sign (Exalted)
Utterly unstoppable—that’s you! Being born with driven Mars in ambitious Capricorn can be a double blessing of sorts, especially when it comes to your career. Success is in your cosmic DNA. When you set your sights on a worthy goal, you will work tirelessly to achieve it—tanks filled with rocket fuel. Mars is said to be “exalted” in this sign, its luckiest placement in the zodiac. Like a double-dose of high-achiever vibes, the cosmic energy of Mars boosts Capricorn’s inherent qualities: persistence, leadership, industriousness and wealth-accruing skills. Capricorn is symbolized by the mythical Sea Goat, and having Mars here gifts you with a special brand of magic. You’re as creative as you are productive, drawing inspiration from a deep well, then finessing it to the heights of success. Warning: you can easily cross the line into workaholism, whether you’re blasting through a professional mission or obsessively crafting a work of art or music. Until you’ve “made it” (as you define success) you’ll find it hard to rest—and even then, you might work five days a week instead of seven. In your personal life, you also desire the benchmarks of success: a home that’s an architectural showpiece, a lovely and loyal mate, and quite possibly children. If your S.O. can understand your constant (at times exhausting) impulse for worldly success—and they stick by you through it all—you’ll know for sure you’ve found yourself a lifelong match. Sexually, you can be a force of nature with Mars here. When you channel your drive toward erotic pleasures, you can be a legendary lover with a nearly insatiable appetite. But you can also go long spells without it! Think And Grow Rich author Napoleon Hill wrote of “the transmutation of sex energy,” essentially postulating that the same energy used for sex is required to fuel the creative genius—and that periods of abstinence are advisable for those wishing to develop their magnum opus. You may innately understand this concept, indulging in the pleasure principle “by season” instead of at will. Choose your safe word! In bed, you may enjoy role-playing different power dynamics, even switching from “top” to “sub” depending on the day. Light bondage or full-on BDSM could add to the fun—and it can be a relief to cede control in the bedroom after taking charge in the office all day. Capricorn rules the skin, bones and teeth. Sensual touch and massages can be turn-ons—and so can those gentle (or not so-gentle) bites!

Aquarius Mars Sign
Hello, social justice warrior! With fierce Mars in the sign of the future-forward Water Bearer, you’re passionate about progress and making the world a better place for ALL people. A bullhorn and picket sign (along with an archive of online petitions and soul-stirring memes) may be your preferred accessories. Oh, and probably a flower crown, sparkly angel wings and other rainbow-striped accoutrements. The “weird” is wonderful for those born with Mars in Aquarius and you enjoy shaking up the status quo with rebellious fashion choices and unpredictable moves. Socially, you’re a gifted organizer with the skills of a pep-squad captain. When you turn on that electrifying enthusiasm (Aquarius is the sign that governs electricity, in fact) people flock to you, ready to engage in any mission—whether caravanning to a music festival or heading to a capital city for a protest. Your innate urge to “give back” may lead you to work in non-profits, fundraising or other fields that empower people who were born without privilege. Left brain S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) may be your wheelhouse with this “geek is chic” Mars sign, too. When it comes to romance, you’re definitely open-minded, and more of a “universal love” type than a serial monogamist. The conventional moires of relationships may feel confining to you as this Mars energy allows you to fully adore more than one person at a time. For this reason, you may prefer to date casually or break the so-called rules with an open relationship or polyamory. Of course there are other influences in the astrological chart that affect love, like your moon and Venus signs, so you may indeed be the one-on-one type. All the same, you need an open-minded mate who won’t get jealous if you dive into the occasional cuddle puddle or spend copious amounts of time with your 1,001 friends and online connections—and even invite your squad to tag along on your supposed date nights. Some may accuse you of emotional detachment, even! Intimacy and vulnerability may be skills you have to work toward developing, even using a “model” of sorts, like the “10 Guideposts for Wholehearted Living” laid out in Brené Brown’s Daring GreatlySexually, you are adventurous and experimental. Building up a toy drawer and a costume chest can bring playful fun and wacky humor to the bedroom: an awesome bonding agent for you! The calves and ankles are erogenous zones for this Mars sign, and you may swoon for a sexy pair of legs.

Pisces Mars Sign
Mars in compassionate Pisces blesses you with an innate gift of empathy. There are a lot of “feels” swimming around in your emotion ocean! You are naturally tuned in to other people’s needs and can be a bit of a psychic sponge. With anxious Mars in this emotional water sign, you find it hard to relax in the company of unsettled people. At times, however, your desire to relieve the suffering of others could become so intense that it feels like a burden—and you may take on their problems as your own. Learning to detach, set boundaries and to “shield your field” will be essential to your serenity. You can do by clearing yourself regularly with talk therapy, energy healing (like Reiki), even salt baths. Be sure to create ample solitary time for meditative activities like journaling, gardening, swimming (a Pisces pleasure) and listening to soothing music. In love, you are the quintessential romantic, looking for a one-way ticket to Cloud 9. With the planet of pursuit in this position you can be singularly focused on locking down love—so much so that other areas of your life can suffer, if you aren’t mindful. But there’s no stopping you! When you find a prospective partner, you do everything in your power to sweep them off their feet, gazing directly into their eyes and worshipping their body. Intimacy is your jam: You long for a deep, spiritual connection and may be drawn to Tantra or other “mind/body/soul” lovemaking modalities. Who wants to play footsies? Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and rules the feet. You may have a full-on foot fetish (not to mention a shoe fetish) or enjoy some pedi-pleasures as foreplay. Pisces is the sign of fantasy, so you have a rich imagination in the bedroom. This sign also rules the seas and you may prefer to plunge “below the surface” to get your erotic fix. The taboo can be a turn-on for those with Mars in Pisces, but careful not to get sucked into anything unsavory—even in your financial life. You may enjoy playing the submissive role in bed, so select your safe word and a partner who will respect it implicitly.

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