Scorpio Moms and Dads Parenting Style

What kind of parent is Scorpio?

The Scorpio parent is a consummate micro-manager.


What is a Scorpio mom or dad like?

Make way for the boss! Powerful and intense, you’re not just a parent, you’re the master and commander of your family. The world has never seen a momager with a higher track record for turning her offspring into millionaires (and billionaires!) than Scorpio Kris Kardashian. But even if you prefer a more lowkey lifestyle than the Hollywood maven, you run a tight ship, steering your brood toward your utopian family vision.

Homeschooling, organic food, no screens until they’re pre-teens—whatever you prioritize, you’ll refuse to compromise. Settling is not in your vocabulary. Scorpio, you rule your roost, and your kids have no illusions about that. They might be a teensy bit scared of you (we know: you don’t believe it), but they’ll certainly respect you, too.

Are Scorpios good parents?

Strengths and gifts

Since Scorpio rules the reproductive system, childbirth may be less complicated for Scorpio women than other signs. You tend to be limber and flexible, and it doesn’t take you long to get back into pre-pregnancy shape.

With Scorpio’s eternally chic style, your kids will definitely raid your closet when they start wearing similar sizes—as was undoubtedly the case for Scorpio Lisa Bonet who regularly twins (Sagittarius) daughter Zoe Kravitz on the step-and-repeat with uncompromising sartorial flair. You have spiritual leanings (if you’re not a full-on mystic), so you may infuse pregnancy, birthing and childrearing with all kinds of esoteric influences. You may even opt for natural childbirth, or enlist a midwife for delivery.

Traits of a Scorpio mom or dad

Scorpio parents make a beautiful home.

Home is your sanctuary, and you’ll create a beautiful space for your family to zen out together. Domestic bliss is essential for your happiness, Scorpio. You love to curl up on a comfy sofa and watch movies. Doing things as a family is so important to you. Like Scorpio Julia Roberts, you might even move to a more low-key location once you become a parent to shield your children from the pressure (and trauma) of growing up too fast. Alas, this is something that you as a magnetic Scorpio child may have unwittingly experienced, perhaps out of your sign’s desire to live on the edge.

As a parent, you’re ultra-protective! You couldn’t care less about the rest of the world once you have your tight-knit inner circle around you. And you’ll do everything in your power to make sure they feel the same way. Since privacy is essential for your serenity, you take that into account for your kids. Shared rooms might be unavoidable, but you’ll make sure that they respect one another’s boundaries and personal space—or else there will be teachable moments ahead!  

Scorpio parenting challenges

The need for control can make the Scorpio parent too intense.

It’s no secret that you’re a control freak, Scorpio. You know what you want, and you’ll do whatever it takes to get it. You can’t help noticing the details of everything, but your tendency to micromanage could cramp your kids’ independence. Children have minds of their own, and will make decisions you don’t like, especially as they get older. You might need to develop a few extra coping skills to deal with that! 

Scorpio, make sure you’re parenting from power, rather than fear. You love your kids in an all-consuming way, but you can’t isolate them in a safe, little bubble. Manage an impulse to over-coddle your kids, or to give them a sense that the world outside your door is unsafe. Let them leave the nest, even if it’s hard!  

The Scorpio parent can be moody. Because you’re the sign of extremes, your emotions can run hot and cold. Sometimes you’re totally friendly and outgoing, other times you can withdraw into your own world.

During more private moments, you may have difficulty showing affection or tender emotions. You can definitely deliver tough love, and your standards can be extremely high. Scorpio parent Caitlyn Jenner has had strained relationships with kids for years after snarking about ex-wife Kris and occasionally spilling family tea to the media. Yes, your feelings can be easily hurt—but make sure you’re not being icy and withdrawn when your kids need compassion or a hug.

You do need personal time, so try to get enough of it so you can be “on” when necessary. Scorpio rules regeneration: you crash, burn and rise again. Make sure you have a comfy enough haven so you can easily rejuvinate when those moods get too dark or intense. Scorpio Matthew McConaughey, who has shared with press that he wanted to be a father since age 8, still retreats to his bachelor-days Airstream trailer when he “needs a little me time.” Having a room (or RV) of one’s own is a savvy “decompression strategy” for the Scorpio parent. Nothing restores your perspective—and helps you let go—than those soul-nourishing solitary moments.

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