Pisces Career Horoscope: 14 Best Job Ideas

Your creative streak lends itself to your colorful career

Pisces career traits

As a dual-natured sign, the Pisces career path needs both security and freedom. You’re at once a total rebel and a full-on “company man.” Although you feign helplessness, when you’re in charge, you’re all about business.

Even if you don’t work in a creative field, you have a true appreciation for the arts. Your ruler is Neptune, the planet of fantasy. You love bringing the vivid landscapes of your imagination into material form, stretching people’s minds. Pisces especially rule photography and fashion—all things glamorous, in short. You may work as a photographer, fashion designer or a model. (No coincidence that Pisces Cindy Crawford was considered the world’s first supermodel.) Directing film is another natural Pisces path. So is dancing—Pisces rules the feet, and you could make a career out of being on your toes. Left-brained Pisces may manipulate the invisible realm through technology as a coder or A.I. developer.

Ultimately, Pisces is a leader “for the people.” This makes you a great advocate. In fact, if your Pisces career paths leads you to go into business for yourself, we recommend representing others. Pisces make great art dealers, brokers and talent agents. With your huge heart, you thrive in the non-profit and educational sectors.

Solitude is also important to your sign. Many a Pisces has been found crunching numbers in a quiet cubicle. Still, we recommend interacting with people, since your natural warmth and hospitality put people at ease. You’re perfect as the sales representative who takes clients out to lunch, since you quickly make them feel comfortable. They’ll sign contracts in no time, simply because you made them feel so accepted!

The twelfth house is the zodiac’s final house, often associated with the last stage of life, where reality is blurred, and people often go into a restful or secluded state. Hospitals, institutions, retreats and the subconscious are all ruled by Pisces. For that reason, you may find fulfillment as a nurse, therapist or end-of-life chaplain. You are also a powerful intuitive healer, and can thrive in the holistic or medical fields.

What is a good career for a Pisces?

  • Therapist                
  • Holistic Healer
  • Nurse/Doctor                
  • Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Art Dealer                
  • Painter
  • Musician                
  • DJ
  • Photographer                
  • Music Journalist
  • Fashion Designer            
  • Hotelier
  • Coder/Developer
  • Music Producer

Pisces career mistakes or pitfalls to avoid

Blurring the boundaries 

In a large institution or corporation, you bring a rare creative touch, and push for reform. You may work for “the man,” but you’ll never be him! Pisces also rules compassion, and you treat your staff with a humanity rarely seen in the workplace. At times, you may blur boundaries between business and personal, so curb the tendency to be too nice. Otherwise, employees will quickly take advantage of you, bringing out your rarely-seen inner bully.

Being TOO nice 

You may shy away from being the authority figure, but when you do step into the boss role, you make an excellent leader. With your natural compassion, you like to cultivate your employees’ talents and will work around the clock to mentor them to success. At times, you can be TOO nice, and that’s when it’s time to learn that ever-present Pisces lesson of setting boundaries.

When you raise the bar high for people, they tend to meet it. Don’t let your compassion turn into something mushier, like feeling sorry for slackers! That’s actually rather insulting, so catch yourself if you start throwing a pity party for a perfectly capable coworker. 

Trusting the wrong people

Backstabbers seem ever-present in the life of a Pisces. Make sure you guard your position with care, or you could find that your protege has stolen your job right out from under your nose. You must be careful not to let people into your inner sanctum too. 

Pisces career: Your ultimate purpose

To uplift people’s senses by creating a feeling of fantasy and escape.


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