Pisces Entertaining Style

Pisces entertainment is subject to this sign’s wild imagination. Pisces parties are like live dinner theater.

Does Pisces like to party?

Quirky and theatrical, Pisces treat parties like performance art, an opportunity to let your creative side run wild. You love to surprise people, so it’s anyone’s guess what unusual delights will greet them when they arrive. One day, you could bust out the heirloom crystal and china for a seven-course formal dinner. The next weekend, it’s a pirate-themed seafood buffet with elaborate “Under the Sea” stage props. Although you personally squirm in the spotlight, your inner artiste loves a to design a set! Parties are the time to express your true magic.

The Pisces host

Pisces rule fantasy, and fetes provide the perfect outlet to invite people in to your escapist visions. Costume parties are an all-time Pisces favorite. Somehow, your extroverted side emerges when you’re cloaked in a wig, a Victorian gown or a feather boa. Chances are, you’ve collected a wardrobe of unusual regalia, and if you host such an affair, you’ll happily provide costumes for guests who arrive in civilian attire. A masked ball would delight you.

Pisces rule the feet, so dancing is an essential part of the evening. Whether it’s hip-hop, EDM or retro house, you’ll get your groove on—and make sure all your guests do the same! Your sign loves photography, so snap plenty of pictures. You might even set up a vintage Polaroid and provide hand-stamped cardboard frames so guests can take their portraits home as Souvenirs.

As the zodiac’s most compassionate sign, consider making your party a charity event. You may round up your friends to volunteer at the children’s hospital, then bring them all back to your place, where you thank them with TLC and home cooked food. Once your imagination gets rolling, there’s no limit where you’ll go!


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