Pisces Friendship

A Pisces friendship means membership in a motley crew. We threw in a gift guide for your Pisces friend, too.

What a motley crew they’ve assembled! Pisces is an open-hearted sign that attracts friends from all walks of life, from the popular people to the fascinating geeks. They hate to see anyone feeling sad or left out, and as a result, they may have adopted some socially awkward types into their crew. But if they adore them, they’ll stick up for them until the end, insisting that others in your social group give them a fair chance.

Looking at some folks they surround themselves with, however, one may wonder how exactly Pisces calls these people friends. Troubled types attract the naturally compassionate fish, but can also suck them down. A careful screening process is necessary before Pisces get too heavily involved or they may find themselves caught in destructive or user-friendly relationships.

Hanging out with a Pisces friend

The best friends for Pisces are stable types who don’t actually need anything from them, but can appreciate the imagination and romance that they bring into their worlds. Although initially, they may judge these types as dull, in the end they are the very rocks that they’ll thank their lucky stars to have in their life.

Pisces simply hate to disappoint other people, and that can creep into your friendships. But, like the best of us, they also need time to take care of themselves. A Pisces friend may feel guilty if they need to cancel a plan because they’ve run down after a long day. If they don’t make peace with the fact that they have needs, they’ll just wind up resenting their pals. People may be disappointed if they can’t make it for the big part, sure. But they’ll be far more pissed off if you ghost instead of sending a text. Staying in touch—with themselves and their loved ones—can make Pisces friendships flow smoothly.

Gift guide: The perfect presents for a Pisces friend

  • Musical instruments and accessories like speakers and headphones
  • Self-help and metaphysical books
  • Water sports equipment, such as a surfboard or an underwater camera
  • A great pair of shoes, socks or leg warmers
  • Tickets to the circus or theater
  • A home massager or gift certificate to a day spa
  • Haute bath sets and lotions
  • A reading from your favorite psychic
  • Crystals, candles and anything that helps them relax and rest
  • A dream journal
  • Art supplies
  • Dance classes

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