Pisces Money Horoscope

Although your personal life may be full of ups and downs, your business relationships thrive and drive your Pisces money management.

Pisces money management style 

Your natural compassion and intuition endears clients and employees to you. Pisces makes an excellent sales rep, account manager, or any role that involves interpersonal relationships. Plus, you have an independent streak that bolsters your drive. Blend your creativity with your intuition and you could make a mint from one of your patented formulas or a product that you develop from scratch!

Pisces money habits: Is Pisces good with money?

Finances may ebb and flow for you, Pisces, but one thing is for sure: When you decide to attract abundance, it just comes to you. With your lust for life—and retail therapy splurges during your emotional days—you can burn your income as fast as you earn it. That’s why it’s essential that you create a system for yourself. Come up with an easy equation and stick to it. What percent of each check will you set aside for taxes, flow into general savings and long-term investment accounts? Better yet, set up automatic transfers. If you don’t see it, you won’t spend it—a rule that works well for your emotionally driven sign.

Favorite splurges for Pisces

Creative supplies, home spa equipment, movie, theater or concert tickets, fashion items (especially shoes and bags), music, crystals, intuitive readings, lavish gifts, candles, chocolate, original artwork, handmade clothing, great books, charitable donations

How can Pisces make more money?

How can Pisces attract more wealth? Your heartstrings are easily tugged, and you become enraptured by a good story. Shady dealers can prey on you if you’re not careful, so research all investments thoroughly. You also have an extremely sensible side, so even after tuning in to your intuition be sure to  run everything past a trusted advisor who can help you discern what’s legitimate.

With your rich imagination, creating a vision board is an excellent tool for manifestation. Pin it up in your home office so you begin each day focused on what you wish to attract.

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