Pisces Style Horoscope

The shoes make the outfit for Pisces style, the zodiac sign associated with the feet. And you probably have quite the collection to show for it—and a sock drawer to match! Tall boots, ballet flats, and rubber-soled stompers may join your rows of limited edition sneakers and Louboutins. Pamper your feet with regular pedicures and don’t forget the custom nail art!

How do Pisces dress?

As a water sign ruled by Neptune, god of the seas, beachy styles work their way into your year-round wardrobe. Think: Flowy, linen pants worn with loafers, Breton stripes, white jeans and wrap sweaters.

Your dreamy sign is connected to the ethereal realm, and some Pisces draw sartorial inspiration from mermaids, fairies, angels and other magical creatures. Flutter about in wing-sleeved shirts, filmy layers, sequined shrugs, floaty dresses that shimmer and sparkle. A born mystic and old soul, you might incorporate fortune-teller touches like shawls, capes and headwraps.

Do Pisces have good style?

No pain, no gain? Pisces style may verge on masochistic. You’ll totter around in sky-high heels because they make your legs look that good. Pain-inducing procedures like sleeve tattoos, piercings, scarring, and lobe gauging appeal to some Fish. You take pride in joining the tribe of people daring enough to go through these processes.

From the day you discover your first vintage store, life becomes a costume party for you. The freedom-focused activism (and experimental escapism) of the 1960s era, suits your spirit. Bring on the paisley button-downs, Beatles suits and sky-high miniskirts. When it’s time to dress up, skip the malls and head straight for the high-end consignment shops for a look that’s both dazzing and nostalgic.

What should Pisces wear?

The Pisces style profile

What colors should Pisces wear?

Sea green, violet

Pisces body focus areas


Fabrics for Pisces

Lace, leather

Pisces style best looks

Linen pants, colorful footwear, tattoos, leather jacket, shawls, swimwear

Pisces styles to avoid

Anything too classic and simple, muted colors, boring shoes, severe blazers, too much denim

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