Pisces Travel Horoscope

The Pisces travel style is: Where will the zodiac’s escape artist slip off to when it’s time to get away?

Do Pisces like traveling?

For Pisces, life is but a dream. Make that a long and ongoing daydream. No matter your GPS coordinates, you’re probably “vacationing” in the rich landscape of your imagination. Nonetheless, it takes zero coaxing to get you to pack a suitcase for a real-time getaway. 

The perfect Pisces travel destinations

You love quiet, spiritual destinations, especially near water. A boho-chic beach caba a, a palace with rose petals strewn across its steps; a private pool or a beautiful Moroccan turret—these things sweep you away from reality. Ahhh. 

As a water sign, you may like boarding a ship for part of your journey. A cruise through the Alaskan glaciers or the Greek isles can provide the perfect balance of discovery and downtime at sea. Romance and travel also go hand-in-hand for you. Ideally, a significant other will be accompanying you on the journey, heightening the experience!

Since too much planning exhausts your go-with-the-flow sign, enrolling in a retreat can provide the ideal concierged experience. Yoga on the beach in between stimulating lessons (anything from surfing to painting)—and tons of spa treatments—will be a little slice of heaven. Or slip off on a sailboat for a week (or month) and wake up to explore near deserted islands with your camera and journal.

Pisces travel astrology tips

Have you overdone it on the indulgences? Lean in to your giving nature and combine travel with a charitable mission. Some Pisces find it difficult to indulge in luxury when people are suffering and prefer to make a difference. Your sensitivity and compassion make your primary goal in life to help others. That said, take time to treat yourself and don’t let a guilty conscience interfere. After all, how much good can you do for others if you don’t nurture yourself?


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