What Pluto in Aquarius/the 11th House Reveals about Your Chart

All about Pluto in Aquarius or in the 11th house

Private, esoteric Pluto in Aquarius isn’t exactly at ease in this communal, logical placement. But once you learn to balance the disparate energies, you’re a force of nature.

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Traits of Pluto in Aquarius

Like a sexy spy and a sci-fi creature rolled into one, you can make yourself completely inconspicuous OR stop people dead in their tracks with your unicorn style. Powerfully expressed, this Pluto placement makes you a fearless disruptor and an agent of change! 

Early in life, you may feel isolated in group situations, struggling to find a sense of belonging. To cope, you may have formed a rebellious persona or dystopian identity. Conversely, you may have compromised your ideals in order to fit in with the popular kids, cleaving to a false sense of safety by being part of the “herd.”

As you evolve, you come to embrace your individuality and see it as a gift. That said, finding a “soul squad” is definitely key to your happiness. Pluto in the 11th house can swing one toward socialism or populism, as you find your flow with this “power to the people” energy. You may feel at home in a progressive group that has a mission around equity and revolutionary change. Self-development classes, humanitarian groups, even political campaigns may be where you find your people. As you gain confidence, you may discover that empowering people is one of your transformational gifts.  

The high minded placement of Pluto in Aquarius

With Pluto in this high-minded position, you may study organizational and behavioral psychology. Astrology also falls under this domain, and you may have a knack for memorizing people’s entire charts! Pluto here could lead you to a career in team building or as a consultant who helps companies restructure with equity, diversity and inclusivity as their core values. Since the 11th house (and Aquarius) are associated with the Internet, you could become a powerful voice for change through your social media feeds and webinars.  

While Pluto is known for being possessive and jealous, Aquarius and the 11th house are all about co-ownership and community. When it comes to your money and your lovers, you can ping-pong between poles. Team investing could be your path to prosperity, whether you’re raising capital through crowdfunding or pooling savings to purchase rental properties. (You might even team up with a group to develop a viral app.) With Pluto in this detached position, you could revolutionize your relationship to money altogether by creating a barter system for goods and services with a group of like-minded individuals.

Pluto in Aquarius love

Sex and seduction can be quite the experimental voyage for you. If you had it your way, who knows? You’d probably enjoy a harem of devotees who loved only you, while you were free to commingle with them all. (And hey, if anyone could swing that kind of arrangement, it’s gotta be you!) But Pluto is still Pluto, craving one-to-one intimacy and primary partnership. Even in this open-minded position, you’re probably what sexpert Dan Savage calls “monogamish.” What attracts you most is intellect (Aquarius, the 11th house) and the rush of “sapiosexual” connectivity that brings a meeting of minds, then bodies and souls.


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