What Pluto in Pisces/the 12th House Reveals about Your Chart

All about Pluto in Pisces or in the 12th house

No crystal ball required! With psychic Pluto in Pisces, an esoteric position, you’re naturally tuned in to the enigmas of our vast universe.

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Traits of Pluto in Pisces

From algorithms to mysticisms, understanding complex codes is one of your gifts. You were born with a high-speed connection to the invisible realm, and this can unfold in fascinating ways. If you’re in tune with Pluto’s psychic powers, you could be a powerful channeler, medium or animal communicator. You may also be drawn to other forms of fantasy generation, working with film, VR and AI, music production, dance and or anything that comes to life through a coding language.

Developing a meditation practice will sharpen your gifts as a seer, since quieting the “monkey mind” allows your spirit guides to clearly get through to you. But even so, you may literally need to check out of reality, since Pluto is the planet of the unconscious. Messages may come to you while you sleep as the 12th house is the dream realm. Shamanic plant medicine ceremonies may also support your illumination. One proviso: Since this Pluto placement can make you prone to addictions, you should tread with extreme care when it comes to going into an altered state.  

Pluto in Pisces can be destabilizing

Pluto rules the unconscious and the 12th house is the zone of the subconscious. In extreme cases, this placement could bring an awakening that is utterly destabilizing to your mental state. You may literally “lose your mind” for a period of time as you connect to your intuition. (Especially if your upbringing caused you to doubt the unseen world.) Surrendering the need to intellectually understand is essential to your soul’s evolution. But this can be particularly difficult for you! Pluto is all about control, the 12th house is all about letting go. Can you see the paradox? 

Pluto in Pisces relationships

Boundaries or boundlessness? In relationships, you may struggle to find the balance between the two. With Pluto plunged into the deep, oceanic underground of the 12th house, your subconscious urges can get the best of you. Since Pluto rules sex, you may play out some deeper feelings and fears in the bedroom. Choose a safe word! With nefarious Pluto here, some fantasies might veer toward the violent. (No judgments!) The 12th house and Pisces are the “subs” of astrology, and the power games could be mighty hot in the bedroom as long as you know where your limits lie.  

This is not the easiest Pluto placement—especially if you grew up in an abusive household OR in a community where sexual shame and guilt run rampant. Here’s the key to your evolution: Understanding that you are whole, perfect and complete. There is nothing wrong with you! (So stop looking for the fly in the ointment.)

Until you accept this, you run the risk of checking out in unhealthy ways, like tech addictions and illicit substances. Finding a place where you feel safe and guilt-free is a must. You may have a lot of jumbled thoughts to confess, sure, but suppressing them will only strengthen their hold on your psyche. And here’s the silver lining: As you process your buried emotions, your own gifts as a healer will be too obvious to ignore!


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