Sagittarius Entertaining Style

Throw a party for 120 of your closest friends. Again. That’s the Sagittarius entertaining way!

Does Sagittarius like to party?

You adore a big party where you can bring people from all walks of life together. Among your diverse entourage, you’re the “crew glue.” You love to network and connect your friends, who are about as different as a group of people can get.

The Sagittarius host

Because life is a party for you and you have a robust drive for excitement, it’s important to celebrate regularly. You can do this in innumerable ways—singing karaoke, dancing, feasting or holding a huge barbecue— anything that brings people together, laughing, reveling, and enjoying life.

An annual party is a good idea because you’re so busy with your zillion projects and classes that most people don’t see you as often as they like. Plan a large chunk of time in a setting that has space for both intimate conversations and loud, bawdy behavior like dancing, singing or live music. Rest up beforehand, throw on something comfortable and funky, and party until sunrise.

At times, you may have to push yourself out of workaholic mode and mingle. You’re notorious for skipping engagements, even those to which you’ve given a firm RSVP, because you’re caught up with a project. Like it or not, your presence makes a difference to people. Consider your attendance an investment in your relationships and just show up.

At the end of the day, it’s who you know, not what you do, that makes life smoother anyway. Make time to cultivate your personal relationships by celebrating special moments with your loved ones.


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