Sagittarius Money Horoscope

Sagittarius is the zodiac’s gambler, ruled by Jupiter, the planet of fortune. Sagittarius money habits are often: spend big, lose big and often win bigger.

Sagittarius money management style

Because you rely on luck and hate to “manage” anything, you can swing between extremes, demanding fun or resisting responsibility. By making money management an adventure, you can keep your hard-earned cash around for the long haul. When something’s at stake, you’ll work hard—so why not transfer some of that elbow grease to your finances?

Sagittarius is also the zodiac’s visionary and entrepreneur. You need a budget for your ambitions and should have at least six months’ living expenses in the bank before launching into your next grandiose dream. This isn’t your natural style; you hate to plan because it conjures feelings of claustrophobia and suffocation. Once you overcome this fear, though, you’ll have the freedom you desire.

Sagittarius money habits: Is Sagittarius good with money?

With your natural luck, you expect that money will always roll in, and may freak out when it doesn’t. Risky is an understatement; you spend on blind faith. Because things come to you so easily, you can be self-indulgent and impulsive. You’re an eager consumer, burning up cash as you savor new experiences, people and things. 

Favorite splurges for Sagittarius

Food, travel, entertainment, funky clothes, adventures, education, musical instruments, books, technology, funding a new business.

How can Sagittarius make more money?

As the zodiac’s hunter, you don’t do anything unless there’s a grand prize at the end. Don’t save for saving’s sake. Instead, aim for something that inspires you. For example, you could earn $20,000 with a goal of traveling the world for six months. Sagittarius is the sign of the student, and life is your school. Invest in lifelong learning and fulfillment, with enough left over for long-term security.


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