Sagittarius Style Horoscope

A freedom lover and jetsetter, Sagittarius style needs looks that can travel the globe with you.

Does Sagittarius have good style?

Casual, non-confining elegance with a bohemian twist suits you best. Denim is a style staple: stock up on jeans, denim skirts, and shorts in unique rinses and hues. Since your sign rules the hips and thighs, it’s essential that you find the right pocket style and cut to accentuate your curves. Always have a cardigan or blazer to throw over your shoulders since you might be gone from sunup well past sundown.

How does Sagittarius dress?

Many Sagittarians have legendary legs, so hike up your hemline and rock shorts or a mini. Colorful stilettos are fine on occasion, but you’re known for being clumsy. You’re safer in low heeled sandals, clogs, funky sneakers, and ballet flats. Go easy on the dry clean only delicates (you’re clumsy and you spill on them) or body-con dresses that are less than forgiving after one of your Jupiterian feasts.

On top? Bring on the colorful numbers that look like they were imported from a faraway bazaar or souk. Think: embroidered peasant shirts, bright batik dresses (worn over jeans or leggings), and beaded sari tops. Dress up a classic black tank with a bold “goddess” necklace or dangling statement earrings.

Vintage is  another Sagittarius favorite, since you love having one-of-a-kind pieces, but aren’t keen on couture prices. You’re the zodiac’s hunter, and you get a thrill from scouting out a hidden vintage or sample sale treasure. Score!

You’re half horse, and your hair is the “mane event.” The ponytail is your go-go, but you can wear edgy cuts and play with color, in every hue of the rainbow.

What should Sagittarius wear?

The Sagittarius style profile

What colors should Sagittarius wear?

Purple, royal blue, chartreuse, orange

Sagittarius body focus areas

Hips, thighs

Fabrics for Sagittarius

Cotton, denim

Sagittarius style best looks

Denim, vintage dresses, Western, athletic wear, bohemian dresses, peasant tops, colorful shoes made for walking, statement bags and necklaces, funky blazers

Sagittarius styles to avoid

Expensive jewelry (you’ll lose it), white shirts (you’ll spill on them), conservative cuts, Dry Clean Only items, anything body-con that squeezes you too tightly


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