Sagittarius Travel Horoscope

Passport, please! The Sagittarius travel style is: there’s no place on Earth this globe-trotting sign won’t go.

Does Sagittarius like traveling?

The sign of the long-distance traveler, Sagittarius would rather spend life on the road than be settled down and stuck in one place.

The perfect Sagittarius travel destinations

You feel most free and inspired while voyaging, and the farther away you trek, the better. Take a flight to Bali, Asia and Eastern Europe, or a multi-culti metropolis like NYC or Buenos Aires. People-watching is not enough for your intrepid sign. You want to immerse yourself in the local culture, chatting up the shop owners and trinket sellers—and meeting them for an insider’s night on the town after they punch out for the day.

Outdoor adventure trips also appeal to your natural athleticism, and you love anything that demands a bit of stamina or challenge. That said, Sagittarians are known for clumsiness so overexerting yourself is unwise. A yoga retreat in Tulum or a hiking trip to a mountaintop cacao ceremony? Now we’re talking! As one of the zodiac’s most spiritual signs, any trip that introduces you to a new philosophy could change your life forever. 

Sagittarius travel astrology tips

You may live in another country, and as a seeker of knowledge, you could become a tour guide for a travel company or even travel for a humanitarian cause. You’re really comfortable anywhere and want to dig deep into the culture and people of the countries you visit. Always on the lookout for the next daring escapade for your Sagittarius travel itinerary, you find it hard to sit still because it dampens your natural instincts to live life to the fullest.

Since you can’t live out of your suitcase 365 days a year, Sagittarians would do well to incorporate a spirit of travel into everyday life. Decorate your home with touches of your favorite hotel or resort. Hang travel photos and artifacts, study new languages while you’re local, and always have your next trip planned.


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