What Uranus in Capricorn/the 10th House Reveal about Your Chart

All about Uranus in Capricorn or in the 10th house

Renegade or mogul: How about both? With radical, communal Uranus in Capricorn, a success-driven placement, you could rise to the top ranks through unconventional means, blazing a fascinating trail as you go.

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Traits of Uranus in Capricorn

Since the 10th house rules traditional corporate structures, you may be the industry disruptor, shaking up an archaic institution with your innovative methodologies. Stay on guard! Cautious, conservative types will try to shut you down. Don’t leak energy battling these authorities. (Even if it’s hard to resist!) Stay focused on your larger mission, gathering support for your work, both online and in real time. It won’t be long before you win the “popular vote” and your naysayers will have to acquiesce. 

Uranus in Capricorn work life

Uranus can be a dystopian rebel and this placement could spawn periods of discontent with the “system,” especially if you’ve compromised any of your ideals for financial gains. You may drop out of the “game” to define success on your own terms, even if that means taking a cut in your salary to gain freedom, flexibility and a clear path for making a difference in the world. It’s possible that you’ll change jobs often, boring easily or following the breadcrumb trail of opportunity at random.

No matter your position, people see you as a revolutionary leader. It doesn’t take much for you to gain a following. If you’re digitally savvy, you could be pegged as an influencer and paid to help promote other people’s products. 

If your parents were strict or suppressive, you may resist responsibility as an adult, fearing failure or criticism. Unfortunately, doing so will short-circuit the power of your Uranus placement. Working through those blocks with a therapist may be pivotal before you can discover what you’re “meant to do” with your life.


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