What Uranus in Virgo/the 6th House Reveals about Your Chart

All about Uranus in Virgo or in the 6th house

Can you change the system from within? The Uranus in Virgo placement says, yes! Both Virgo and the sixth house are connected with structure, order and workflow. Learning the rules is the first step in transforming them.

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Traits of Uranus in Virgo

You feel liberated when you’re operating within clear and empowering parameters. This urge could find you living as part of an intentional community or revolutionizing the structure of an organization so that everyone is equally served. You’ll thrive in any environment where technology is utilized for both efficiency and to give the group a leading edge.

Since Uranus rules the higher mind, you worry incessantly when anything feels out of order. You’re the “canary in the coal mine” chirping warnings of what portends. While you’re rarely wrong, your panicked approach can be counterproductive, especially if you resort to fear mongering. Careful with that! 

Fortunately, you’re a whiz at designing solutions. Allow your analytic brain to dovetail with your engineering sensibilities. When you present both the problem and the fixes simultaneously, you can change lives!

The Uranus in Virgo wellness track

Virgo and the 6th house rule wellness. Uranus here can make you metaphysical about the physical realm. Exploring the connection between mind and body will lead you to naturopathic healers, plant-based remedies and medicinal herbs. You’ll voraciously consume the latest research on age-defying, life-extending nutrition and try every trending program. 

Since this Uranus placement is associated with the digestive system, you may deal with unusual reactions to food or require a special diet. Permaculture farming, holistic nutrition or other studies involving the connection between eating and brain/body chemistry can be interests.

Perfectionism can be an Achilles heel and your frustration can turn destructive. Embrace the process itself and learn to experiment instead of obsessing over results. 


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