Water Element Meditations: 3 to Try During Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces Seasons

These water element meditations are designed to foster emotional serenity and bring you into flowing communion with your feelings.

Feeling overwhelmed or out of touch with what’s going on inside you? Want to move from reactivity to a sense of peaceful responsiveness? You’re in the right place

Set yourself up in an area that feels safe and secure to you. These fluid meditations will help you create space in your heart and mind for new possibilities to emerge.

What is special about a Water sign?

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

If you want to ease into the flow of life instead of swimming upstream, the water signs—Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces—act as a powerful current. These tuned-in, emotionally savvy signs remind you of the power of empathy and intimate connection. When a giant wave rolls in, you can’t help but be swept along.

At times this swirling energy can make you feel like you’re drowning in your emotions. At other moments, it can bring the powerful inner knowing that guides you to make the most nourishing moves for yourself.

When you want to connect to people on a deep and lasting level, tapping into these zodiac sign energies can help you find your soul family—and create the rock-solid bonds that support you.

How do you activate the Water element?

During the Water sign seasons—when the Sun is in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces—we all have access to the versatility this element brings. By following these guided meditations, you can “wake up” the Water element during each solar cycle.

Cancer Season: June 21 – July 22

Themes: nurturing, sensitivity, emotions, home, femininity

Scorpio Season: October 23 – November 21

Themes: intimacy, sex, secrecy, power, intensity

Pisces Season: February 19 – March 20

Themes: dreams, fantasy, healing, compassion, mystery

How do you use the Water element meditations?

These guided meditations were designed to help you sink into the nurturing energy of the Water element. If you’ve been dealing with anxiety around a life decision or processing heavy emotions, you’re in the right place.

These tracks were designed to help you find a more fluid connection to your feelings and intuition as you open up space for self-care.

3 Water element meditations to try

These mediations are most effective when used during this element’s corresponding zodiac sign seasons: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces:

Cancer Season Water Element Meditation

Intuitive, emotional and ultra-sensitive, water can be as mysterious as the ocean itself. This energy can be refreshing, or it can drown you in its depths. The magic of water can evoke intense dreams and borderline-psychic empathy. Security is important during this time; after all, water needs a container, or it dries up and disappears. This Cancer season water element meditation can restore serenity and help you tap your intuitive gifts. 

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Scorpio Season Water Element Meditation

While you’re floating through this meditation, feelings can arise. Are you holding onto a secret…or a grudge? Scorpio’s deep-diving energy can plunge you into the vault of buried emotions. The four weeks of Scorpio season are the perfect time to bring them to light, to be synthesized, alchemized and crystalized as a golden lesson.

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Pisces Season Fire Element Meditation

While you’re floating through this Pisces season water element meditation, feelings can arise. Are you holding onto a secret…or a grudge? Pisces empathic energy can plunge you into the vault of buried emotions. The four weeks of Pisces season provide an ideal window for processing grief and trauma, doing forgiveness work and creating cathartic art in the process. With compassion magnified, your understanding can be deeply healing for those around you.

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