Why Libra Cheats: 4 Eye-Opening Reasons

Libra is an honorable sign, not prone to go around breaking people’s hearts on purpose.

Once they finally make up their mind to commit, they’ve gone through a lengthy internal process of weighing and measuring every scenario. They probably won’t want to turn back after all that work!

The odds of you cheating on them are much higher, since you may mistake their slow pace for a lack of interest. Or, you just might get bored waiting for them to come around. Should they stray, there are some possible reasons why Libra cheats.

(Libra is an air sign. Learn more about Libra traits.)

Unfaithful Libra? Here are reasons why Libra cheats

They’re too much of a wuss to end things

Libra hates, hates, HATES conflict. They’re too nice to break your heart—at least, to your face—so they concoct a passive-aggressive exit strategy. By cheating, they sabotage your relationship to force your hand. How convenient: you get to be the bad guy dumping them!

They were never really sure about you in the first place

Maybe you rushed them. Maybe they chose you against their better judgment. Maybe you insisted on being together, even though they told you they didn’t see you as The One. If they doubt their decision, Libra may test their soundness in the arms of another lover.

Pure vanity

They felt “unattractive” and they needed to feel desirable again. Nobody ever looked at them like that before and they got caught up in the moment. Admiration is an aphrodisiac for Libras, so make sure you deliver a solid RDA if you don’t want this sign to stray.

You’ve killed off the romance

You’ve gone from top-shelf tequila to 6-packs of PBR. F-bombs and cynical rants have crept into your once-poetic monologues. Furry slippers have replaced Fendi pumps. Comfortable intimacy is one thing. Letting yourself go is the quickest way to send your Libra shopping around for someone with class and taste.


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