Rejoice! Your Christmas 2022 Ho Ho Horoscope Is A Reason to Smile

After serving lumps of coal for two straight years, Christmas 2022 is a smooth sleigh ride. The merry and bright planetary lineup calls for traditional festivities…with a candy-striped twist! Here is your Christmas 2022 horoscope.

Christmas 2022 will be…a very easy Christmas. Between the pandemic and the planets, it’s been hard to get into Santa’s joyful spirits for the past couple years. But in 2022, we can rejoice in a relatively easy cosmic alignment that will keep everyone in celebratory spirits—no matter what your zodiac sign!

On December 24, the moon hovers in Capricorn, the sign of legacies, traditions and heritage. Cook up those family recipes or research customs from your ancestral lineage. The Sun is always in Capricorn during Christmas, but this year, three other planets will greet the moon in the sign of the Sea Goat: expressive Mercury, gracious Venus and intimate Pluto. 

Just after the stroke of midnight (EST) on December 25, the moon moves on to progressive Aquarius, switching up the vibe dramatically. Traditions you’ve celebrated unblinkingly for years could suddenly warrant rethinking.

For instance, if they risk being labeled as “cultural appropriation,” can you respin them to acknowledge their origins? Maybe you’re longing to incorporate more of your family’s historical customs into the celebration and get everyone involved. Better than another year of everyone tearing open presents and zoning out into their iPads. Bring on the multiplayer games!

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Speaking of cultural origins, Christmas is actually kinda eye-raising

Did you know that today’s wholesome Christmas has its roots in the Roman holiday of Saturnalia, a weeklong carnival celebrated at the Temple of Saturn near the winter solstice?

During Saturnalia, everyone was allowed to overturn social norms: from masters waiting on their servants to orgies, gambling and more, licentiousness was openly sanctioned. (In short: It would make the SantaCon pub crawl look like a gingerbread-bakeoff at the local 4H Club.) It wasn’t until the 19th century that Christmas morphed from carnivals and pagan celebrations into what it is today.

Christmas 2022 celebrations might not be quite so salacious—but then again, you never know. With Venus hovering close to seamy Pluto on December 25, the planets entice us to explore the underworld of our desires. A little Saturnalia reprisal after the carols have been sung and the stockings hung…well, as long as there are consenting adults involved, why not?

Wait, is Mars currently in retrograde?

So there IS one Galactic Grinch showing up at the party for Christmas 2022. Combative Mars remains retrograde in Gemini (October 30 to January 12), which could amplify the “difficult personalities” in the room. Think twice before inviting the conspiracy-theorist cousin, grudge-holding uncle or anyone who might steal a second of your holiday cheer with their confrontational communication style. 

Lusty Mars in Gemini knows no bounds when it comes to flirting. Sure, a kiss might be mandated when the mistletoe circulates. But pushing the envelope too far could bring drama for days. So maybe don’t go stand under that dangerous sprig if you know it’s gonna bring trouble.

Check out our tips for avoiding holiday drama in our post: How to Share the Holidays with Any Zodiac Sign (Yes, Even *That* Person)

And read on to learn in your Christmas 2022 horoscope: How every zodiac sign likes to celebrate, on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Then, tailor your festivities around everyone’s needs—including your own!

Get the Christmas 2022 Horoscope for:

Aries | Taurus | Gemini | Cancer | Leo | Virgo | Libra | Scorpio | Sagittarius | Capricorn | Aquarius | Pisces

Aries (March 21–April 19) Christmas 2022 Horoscope

Aries Christmas 2022 HoroscopePin
Aries constellation

Aries Christmas Eve Forecast

Is that you, Aries, talking shop around the tree? As the Capricorn moon mingles with Mercury, Venus and Pluto in your career zone on Christmas Eve day, your mind may already have turned to business matters—or the exciting professional resolutions you want to set for 2023.

If you worry that you’re hijacking the celebrations with this industrious groove, slip off with your laptop and write a few messages that you save to Drafts until everyone’s back in the office. Once you’ve gotten those visionary ideas recorded, rejoin the festivities—and help up-level them to something fun and fancy.

Treating yourself today? Spring for something that’s both useful AND cutting edge. You might decide to spend a few more bucks to bring an elegant treat to any celebrations you’re attending, like a reserve bottle of wine or special hostess gift.

Aries Christmas Day Forecast

You’ll be in social spirits on Christmas Day as the Aquarius moon gets friendly with your ruler, Mars, and bountiful Jupiter in Aries. Invite friends to drop by and let the holiday bonding begin! If you’re making the rounds, bring an extra bottle of wine or some baked goods to share, since you might be hanging around longer than expected—or coming with a few extra guests.

Under these community-minded cosmos, you may be inspired to volunteer a few hours prepping holiday meals at a shelter or bringing home-cooked meals to elderly neighbors. Abundance is best when shared!

Taurus (April 20–May 20) Christmas 2022 Horoscope

Taurus Christmas 2022Pin
Taurus constellation

Taurus Christmas Eve Forecast

Valet that sleigh, Taurus (or call yourself a Lyft). With your ruling planet, ebullient Venus, mingling with the moon, Mercury and Pluto in your travel zone on Christmas Eve, you have some important people to visit! Besides, staying in once place for too long can put you in a mood. Make the rounds, popping by to deliver presents to friends and share a quick cup of cheer. Just give them a heads up—and don’t overstay your welcome! Sate your wanderlust by getting the ball rolling on your winter vacation. If you find a good deal, pin it! Tomorrow, you might use some of that Christmas 2022 cash for your reservation.

Taurus Christmas Day Forecast

Find a balance between fresh customs and time-honored rituals on Christmas Day, as a boundary-breaking moon-Mars trine illuminates your zones of tradition and long-term security. (And no, that doesn’t mean you have to discard your old holiday habits.) Add some creative dishes to your traditional feast, give your tree an ornament overhaul, or respectfully incorporate the festive customs of other cultures into your celebration. This transit might also bring an unexpected professional boost. You could be seated next to powerful VIP at dinner or swap trade secrets with your well-connected cousin over brandied eggnog.

Gemini (May 21–June 20) Christmas 2022 Horoscope

Gemini Christmas 2022 HoroscopePin
Gemini constellation

Gemini Christmas Forecast

Hang up the mistletoe! With the Capricorn moon canoodling with Mercury, Venus and Pluto in your sultry eighth house on Christmas Eve, you might give Vixen a run for his reindeer name. Before Santa slides down the chimney, coupled Gems will find plenty to “unwrap” between the sheets. Warning: this energy CAN be intense and stormy. Flow slowly through the day, listening to music, puttering about and being a total introvert while you wrap and prep. Do take a moment to send a holiday text to the most meaningful people in your world. A short, sweet sentiment is like a brick in the foundation of your bond.

Gemini Christmas Day Forecast

You’re back into “life of the party” mode on Christmas Day, as the joyful Aquarius moon makes merry with both Mars and Jupiter. If  you’re hunkered down at home, play DJ, cook up platters of pancakes and rally everyone for a multiplayer game. Going out? Bring the merrymaking wherever you travel. Friends will be overjoyed to get a surprise visit from you! Under these exploratory stars, don’t be surprised if the holiday travel bug bites. It’s not to late to consider ringing in 2023 in a brand, new city!

Cancer (June 21–July 22) Christmas 2022 Horoscope

Cancer Christmas 2022 HoroscopePin
Cancer constellation

Cancer Christmas Eve Forecast

Who’s the Dasher to your Dancer, Cancer? As the Capricorn moon snuggles up to Mercury, Venus and Pluto in your seventh house of relationships, you’ll be in the moon for some Christmas Eve bonding. You hate to have tension with the people you love. Good news! Before Santa’s arrival, this cosmic quartet can help you bring your most important bonds back into alignment. Coupled Cancers could start planning a more serious future together as you snuggle up by the fire. Who knows? One of those boxes under the tree could be something sparkly and life-changing!

Cancer Christmas Day Forecast

The vibes get even MORE intimate on Christmas Day, as the moon travels through your intuitive, empathic eighth house. Not feeling drawn to the noisy family gathering? Slip off for a brisk walk in the pine-scented air—solo or with the one person you actually DO want to talk to at the party. Even if you’re thoroughly enjoying everyone, take a little time out from the action. Meditate on all the ups and downs of the past year and focus on your still-forming wishes for 2023. As they crystallize, make sure to write the good ones down for posterity!

Leo (July 23–August 22) Christmas 2022 Horoscope

Leo Christmas 2022 HoroscopePin
Leo constellation

Leo Christmas Eve Forecast

Grab the clipboard and whistle, Leo! You might have to rush in and save Christmas Eve from crashing into chaos. Fortunately the Capricorn moon greets, Mercury, Venus and Pluto in your strategic sixth house on Christmas Eve, helping you organize the reindeer games with grace—and not too much visible irritation. This eco-friendly starmap calls for a smarter footprint. Set up some upcycling stations for the morning, for reusable wrapping paper and ribbons. Being of service to a family member can also bring joy to your world. Could someone in your inner circle need use an extra pair of hands? Step in.

Leo Christmas Day Forecast

Christmas Day’s moon in Aquarius brings sweet relief. Let go of the reins and enjoy being with the people you love. But don’t get TOO wrapped up in all the holiday hubbub. Under these relationship-deepening moonbeams, you’ll want to schedule some solo time with a select few. Have a new bae to introduce to your inner circle? Now is the perfect time! If you’re single, bundle up and go mingle. An unexpected love interest could be waiting for you at a festive function. And if you know anyone who’s spending the holiday alone, give them a call to let them know you care. Better yet, invite them to tag along with you to a seasonal soiree!

Virgo (August 23–September 22) Christmas 2022 Horoscope

Virgo Christmas 2022 HoroscopePin
Virgo constellation

Virgo Christmas Eve Forecast

No mistletoe required! As the Capricorn moon greets flirty Mercury, love planet Venus and sultry Pluto in your romance quarters on Christmas Eve, sparks are flying! As casual as you’d like interactions to be, don’t underestimate the potency this cosmic quartet can bring. Talks about the future could turn serious for Virgos in relationships—and smooth-talking Venus can help you broach the topic without sounding anxious. If you’re single, a little Tindering under the tree might turn up a legit prospect for a holiday season date. This luxurious alignment sets the stage for a glamorous and decadent celebration. Use the good dishes and pick a dreamy playlist instead of the standard carols.

Virgo Christmas Day Forecast

When the moon swings into Aquarius and your orderly sixth house on Christmas Day, you’ll happily play Christmas 2022 Cruise Director! Take merry matters into your own hands and start directing the traffic when it’s time to unwrap gifts or grab a plate of breakfast while it’s hot. (Stop short of setting up “stations” if you can help yourself, Virgo.) Just don’t get so carried away that you turn into a tinsel-carrying tyrant. If someone suggests a change of plan, go with the flow. With the moon in your sixth house of service, find a way to give back today.

Libra (September 23–October 22) Christmas 2022 Horoscope

Libra Christmas 2022Pin
Libra constellation

Libra Christmas Eve Forecast

Domestic matters weigh on your mind on Christmas Eve as your ruler, warmhearted Venus, aligns with the moon, Mercury and Pluto in your home and family zone. Even while you’re wrapping presents, you may be secretly counting down the minutes ’til you can recycle the ribbons and bring back order to the Libra court. But don’t waste the whole day sweeping and arranging your shoe closet and tablescapes. The stage is set for heartfelt conversations with your inner circle, especially older relatives whom you consider mentors. They may have sage advice about your next steps, which can support any changes you plan to make in 2023.

Libra Christmas Day Forecast

Well, well, well…you could fall on Santa’s “naughty” list on Christmas Day, as the Aquarius moon flirts with bawdy Mars and Jupiter, firing up the most playful parts of your chart. Single? Be on the lookout for sexy strangers at any seasonal gatherings you attend. Or, how about giving the person you’ve been wooing on the apps a very special gift: a date with YOU! No matter where your day takes you, stay open to meeting people with potential. If you’re already in a relationship, carve out some one-on-one time, even if you’re staying with family for the holiday. And who knows? You may need a break from entertaining (or arguing with) your relatives more than you realized!

Scorpio (October 23–November 21) Christmas 2022 Horoscope

Scorpio Christmas 2022Pin
Scorpio constellation

Scorpio Christmas Eve Forecast

Who are the not-so-secret Santas in your life, Scorpio? You know, the friends who champion your ideas and have your back with unwavering devotion? The Capricorn moon galvanizes your friendly third house on Christmas Eve, meeting up with Mercury, Venus and Pluto in these communicative quarters. If you’re gathering for celebration, raise a toast of gratitude—or if that’s too embarrassing, pull people aside and share your heartfelt appreciation.

Just try not to scare anyone off with that penetrating Scorpio gaze! This doesn’t have to get super heavy; in fact, brevity and levity are THE souls of wit today. This playful planetary mashup can bring a bout of cabin fever, so get out for a walk or a run if you feel motivated.

Scorpio Christmas Day Forecast

Bring the focus to family on Christmas Day, as the moon shifts into Aquarius and your domestic zone for the day. You may be inspired to cook up a giant batch of gingerbread pancakes—or help everyone detox from last night’s cups of cheer with protein-powered green smoothies. (Or both!) Resist the natural urge to go slip off by yourself for most of the day. If group dynamics get overwhelming, sneak away for a few minutes, then switch up your socializing strategy to one-on-one conversations. With fearless Mars and Jupiter connecting to la luna, you could finally have a BIG conversation you’ve been waiting for.

Sagittarius (November 22–December 21) Christmas 2022 Horoscope

Sagittarius Christmas 2022 HoroscopePin
Sagittarius constellation

Sagittarius Christmas Eve Forecast

If your cup runneth over with extra cash, you may be tempted to do some online shopping while you await Santa’s arrival. (‘Cause you never know what might NOT be in your stocking, right?) Nothing wrong with stimulating the economy, Archer. But the sensible Capricorn moon is commingling with Mercury, Venus and Pluto in your money zone. This pragmatic alignment wants you to think long-term, selecting “investment pieces” and “building a wardrobe” instead of scooping up random discounts in a retail therapy frenzy. Pull yourself away from screens for some cozy conversations. You’ll quickly remember that the best things in life are free!

Sagittarius Christmas Day Forecast

On Christmas Day, the cosmos gift you with an uplifting moon-Jupiter sextile in the most cooperative zones of your chart.  Wherever your holiday travels take you, make plenty of time for bonding. Whether you’re cooking a festive feast with your parents, or inviting a lonely neighbor over to watch Christmas classics with your crew, the more is the merrier. Coupled up? Find a way to incorporate your S.O. into the celebration. And if you’re hosting this year, delegate some tasks to your guests. You don’t want to be so busy with preparations that you miss out on all the fun!

Capricorn (December 22–January 19) Christmas 2022 Horoscope

Capricorn Christmas 2022 HoroscopePin
Capricorn constellation

Capricorn Christmas Eve Forecast

Four planets are mixing it up in Capricorn on Christmas Eve—the moon, Mercury, Venus and Pluto—making you the most enchanting reindeer of all. Hoping for a Christmas 2022 miracle? With magnetism oozing out of your every pore, ask and you shall receive. People will flock to you easily, so enjoy the attention. But be sure to squeeze in a little solo time. Without career matters clamoring for your attention you have the brain space to devote to a creative project or one of your personal interests that you haven’t indulged in for a while.

Capricorn Christmas Day Forecast

Pay it forward on Christmas Day, when the moon heads into humanitarian Aquarius and syncs up with generous Jupiter. Making a contribution to your favorite charity is a great start, but how can you take it to the next level this season? Put on your do-gooder boots and figure out where you can make the most meaningful impact in your community.

Maybe it’s time to become a mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs or to offer your services as a fundraiser. Is there someone in your personal life who is going through a tough time right now? Today, a pep talk from their favorite Capricorn could be THE thing that helps them see the light at the end of that tunnel.

Aquarius (January 20–February 18) Christmas 2022 Horoscope

Aquarius Christmas 2022 HoroscopePin
Aquarius constellation

Aquarius Christmas Eve Forecast

Turn off all location tracking on Christmas Eve, Aquarius. With the Capricorn moon luxuriating alongside, Mercury, Venus and undercover Pluto in your sleepy twelfth house, you’re dreaming of an incognito Christmas Eve. If there’s nothing pressing you have to attend to, switch your phone to Do Not Disturb mode. You’ll reply to everyone’s holiday cheer tomorrow AFTER you’ve recharged with a long winter’s nap.

This dreamy energy could make you quite introspective. Would your family be into a guided meditation before turning on It’s A Wonderful Life? Leave it to you to bring the woo—and you could start a new tradition, Aquarius. Huddle up with one of the wise men or women in your circle, like an older relative whose advice always hits the mark.

Aquarius Christmas Day Forecast

The REAL celebrations kick off on Christmas Day when the moon swings into Aquarius. Plus, its connection to bawdy Mars and Jupiter could put some extra pep in your step as you pass around presents and rush out in the frosty air for some holiday fun. Spend the day sledding with the fam, dropping by to raise toasts with good friends, or puttering around the house with your favorite plus-one. Disconnect from devices whenever possible. Your presence is the present this Christmas Day!

Pisces (February 19–March 20) Christmas 2022 Horoscope

Pisces Christmas 2022Pin
Pisces constellation

Pisces Christmas Eve Forecast

Prancer, Vixen, Comet and Cupid—make room around the tree for a few more reindeer friends. Your social networking zone is lit up like Trafalgar Square as the moon, Mercury, Venus and Pluto sync up in your communal eleventh house. Friends may drop in spontaneously or you could feel the spirit of goodwill and invite a couple extra people to share in a holiday meal. But with privacy-hound Pluto in the frame, you’ll prefer a well-curated invite list over a party full of mystery guests. This alignment boosts your already-charitable nature. Funnel that Christmas 2022 spirit towards a cause you believe in or jump in for a volunteer shift serving food at a shelter. ‘Tis the season!

Pisces Christmas Day Forecast

Snuggle up on Christmas Day, as an intimate moon-Mars trine illuminates the most nostalgic zones of your chart. Whether you spend the holiday at the Pisces Palace or at someone else’s place, find a way to get cozy. Scroll through photos, recount stories and take everyone on a trip down memory lane. (Don’t forget to pack the tissues!) If sentimental feelings bubble to the surface, embrace them. A maternal figure will be a comforting presence today, or if you’re the one in the older and wiser position, don your Mrs. Claus hat and dole out the sage advice!

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