What’s My Mars Sign?​

What does Mars mean in astrology?

Mars is the planet of drive, passion, action, and energy. It governs how you fight, compete and express sexual attraction.

How do I find my Mars Sign?

Enter your birth details to find which zodiac sign and house Mars occupies in your astrology chart.

What does my Mars Sign mean in Astrology?

In astrology, warrior Mars is the ruler of aggro Aries—the first sign of the zodiac. (Cosmic fact: Mars is actually the Roman version of the Greek god Ares.) Passionate Mars spawns a primal energy and an innate desire to dominate. For example: What’s your fighting style? Are you combative, passive, manipulative..?

The zodiac sign of your Mars in your chart will show how you do battle. Mars’ influence in your chart can even help you enjoy a more fulfilling sex life. After you’ve answered “What’s My Mars Sign?” using the cosmic calculator above, read about what your Mars sign means.


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