Chris Ragusa

Leo Single
Season 1

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Chris Ragusa

Chris “Goose” Ragusa is a 27-year-old engineer from Connecticut who currently resides in Florida. In his free time he enjoys living his best Leo life: going to the gym, playing and watching sports, and hanging out with friends. True to his celebratory sign, Chris has been crowned the life of the party. Most of Chris’ friends are married or engaged, and his tight-knit family would love to see him walk down the aisle, too. Meet more Cosmic Love cast members »
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Chris’s Astrology


Zodiac Sign: Leo (Fire)
Moon Sign: Libra
Rising Sign: Cancer
Venus Sign: Libra
Mars Sign: Gemini
North Node: Scorpio
Chinese/Lunar Year Sign: Wood Dog
Numerology: Life Path 7

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