The Day of Miracles is 2019’s Luckiest Day

On December 27, 2019, the confident Sun and abundant Jupiter unite at the same point in the sky. In astrology, this annual meetup is considered one of the luckiest days of the year. It’s even being called The Day of Miracles. Here’s why.

Talk about an eventful end to the 2010s decade! Not only did we just have a solar eclipse in Capricorn on December 26, but it’s followed immediately by the “luckiest day of 2019,” the Sun-Jupiter conjunction (meetup) in the sign of the Sea Goat, called The Day of Miracles.

Right after Christmas, Jupiter—the cosmic Kris Kringle—will unite at 5 degrees Capricorn with the magnanimous Sun, buoying our confidence and making us open to taking big risks. Watch below as Ophi explains what the Day of Miracles has in store for you—and why its expansive energy could require some mental preparation!


Jupiter changes signs every 12-13 month, so each year, it holds court with the Sun in a new zodiac sign. This year’s Day of Miracles is in Capricorn, which rules structure, goals and plans.

Whip out your journal or fire up your Notes app and draft those 2020 resolutions. You’ll be thinking big, which will help you set intentions worthy of a brand new decade. Ready to see things with “2020 vision”? The Sun-Jupiter conjunction will widen your viewfinder.

Capricorn also rules business, financial plans and mentors. With the heart-centered Sun and enterprising Jupiter merging their superpowers, you could innovate a killer startup idea or devise a breakthrough concept—especially since both planets will form a galvanizing trine to ingenious Uranus, the thought leader of our solar system.

What will the luckiest day of 2019 bring to you? Check your December Monthly Horoscope to learn what the Day of Miracles has in store for your zodiac sign!

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