Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Horoscopes: What Their Astrology Charts Say

What do the astrology charts of the U.S. Presidential Candidates reveal? We take a look at Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s horoscopes.

Spoiler alert: This post was written as objectively as possible, but you won’t call it unbiased. As proud feminists who started our careers publishing an inclusive, body-positive, multicultural magazine for women, we simply cannot stand behind a candidate who judges women by the size of their thighs rather than the content of their character. Think what you will about Hillary, but we are nothing short of exhilarated at the prospect of a woman finally being our Commander in Chief.

Read the candidates’ chart analyses:

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Donald Trump Horoscope

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Hillary Clinton Horoscope

This year’s election involves a glib, self-contradicting Gemini (Donald Trump) and a seasoned but secretive Scorpio (Hillary Clinton). Their dynamic has also been charged with cosmic tension, as their Sun signs are five signs apart, a jarring angle that can fuel deep-seated rivalry.

In this analysis of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s charts we’ll address both candidates’ strengths and their shortcomings. We’ve also agonized over this post as we know that we have loyal readers who live in both the Democratic and Republican camps. Politics are touchy topics. And yes, we are in the astrology business. But we are also human beings living on planet Earth: as above, so below. Our father is an immigrant who hustled daily, hands in the soil, running his own landscaping business to raise money to support our family.  One of us is the mother to a bright and spunky Libra daughter who will do much more in her lifetime than show up in a bandage dress as a good-looking prop. In the 90s, Ophira even had the privilege of working with Gloria Steinem, while Tali helped to build Ms. magazine’s inaugural website.

So are we biased? Not any more than the average voter in 2016. We have our preference, as you do, and ours comes with the hashtag #I’mWithHer. We know that Hillary is far from perfect just as The Donald is flawed. We’ll do our best to cover it all here.

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