The Cancer Pet

June 21-July 22

Are you longing to be someone’s mama? The soft mewings of a Cancer pet will stir your heart.  This cozy critter is the perfect companion for a homebody. Your possessive pet will stay by your side, nap on your lap, follow you from room to room. Cancers love kids, so he will likely be protective of your brood and might even “mother” your little ones, too. These food-lovers can also be chow-hounds. Keep treats handy to reward good behavior, but don’t feed this one from the table or you’ll have a beggar for life. Tummy rubs are this pet’s weakness. Cancer rules the home, so don’t be surprised if your pet makes little “nests” throughout the house, or claims a cozy corner as his/her own turf. A doghouse or kitty castle will provide the perfect personal space for this pet.


Love planet Venus is retrograde.

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