Celebrity Libras – 31 Famous Libras: OMG You’re Such a Libra!

What astrology has to say about celebrity Libras

Libra is an air sign, commonly known as the sign of the scales. It’s the zodiac sign that embodies peace, love and harmony. Ruled by Venus, Libra’s are romantic and social, many of them love to flirt!

Here are 31 famous Libras who might make you wish you were a Libra, too!

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Celebrity Libras: heart-throbs and heart-breakers


Doja Cat

born October 21, 1995

Libras are the die-hard romantics of the zodiac and the Kiss Me More singer wrote the anthem. Whether she’s shaving her head (and brows!) or dressing up like a cow, her Venus-blessed beauty is impossible to miss.


Gwyneth Paltrow

born September 27, 1972

The GOOP mogul shares all the Libra secrets for staying in balance from clean eating to vaginal steaming. If only we could all have a pizza oven in our backyards, per her luxe Libra prescription.


AOC (Alexandria Ocasio Cortez)

born October 13, 1989

The grassroots Democratic Socialist has reinvigorated politics for Millennials and never stops speaking out for underserved populations.



born October 2, 1951

A devoted yogi whose inner harmony is part of his magic, it’s no surprise this air sign’s first hit was “Every Breath You Take.”


Barbara Walters

born September 25, 1929

Incisive questions and a genuine curiosity make famous Libras like Barbara Walters the journalists who get the answers everyone is wondering about.


Kamala Harris

born October 20, 1964

The first female Vice President of the United States and the first Black and South Asian woman in the Oval Office, this Libra’s lifelong career in law included a term as California’s Attorney General.


Julie Andrews

born October 1, 1935

The Sound of Music icon brought the Libra gift for harmony to life as a four-octave soprano. But even after a vocal surgery changed her range, she hypnotized us all as the voice of Bridgerton’s Lady Whistledown.


Susan Sarandon

born October 4, 1946

Fairness is everything to compassionate Libras. Sarandon is among famous Libras who have used her fame to bring attention to progressive causes, including those around social and environmental justice.


Bella Hadid

born October 9, 1996

Libra’s ruling planet is Venus, the sign of beauty and the camera loves this Dutch-Palestinian catwalk queen’s gorgeous features. 


Kim Kardashian

born October 21, 1980

Libra rules the bum and Kim Kardashian’s broke the internet on numerous occasions. True to the legal side of her nature, she’s taken law school courses and has broken ground as a prison reform advocate—all while expanding her Skims shapewear line. That’s quite the balancing act!


A$AP Rocky

born October 3, 1988

Called “the prettiest man alive” by GQ, the fashion-forward rapper proved that you can pair a kilt with pearls and a grill. No surprise this charming Libra fathered a child with beauty mogul Rihanna.


Roxanne Gay

born October 15, 1974

Bad Feminist, her best-selling collection of essays, is “about humanity and empathy,” Gay told Time magazine. This famous Libra has also broken through as the first Black woman lead writers for Marvel with the six-issue World of Wakanda series.


Will Smith

born September 25, 1968

Libra is the sign of marriage and famous Libra Will Smith has beat the Hollywood odds with his long-term partnership to Jada Pinkett Smith, a union that has weathered polyamory and an Oscars scandal.


Cardi B

born October 11, 1992

Luxury loving Libras spare no expense! In 2020, fashion-maven Cardi B revealed a closet filled with 23 Birkins—one ringing in at $38,000—the most sought-after (and hard to hunt down) Hermés bags.


Lil Wayne

born September 27, 1982

Lil Wayne‘s influence has given him G.O.A.T. status in the hip-hop world—a groundbreaking effect that cardinal signs (Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn) are known for. This famous Libra also had his share of legal issues and brushes with the law.


Serena Williams

born September 26, 1981

Deuce, doubles, one-love—could there be a more Libra sport than tennis? 


Bruno Mars

born October 8, 1985

No surprise the reigning King of the Love Song would be prolific pop icon Bruno Mars among celebrity Libras.



born September 29, 1994

If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power, is Halsey’s fourth studio album. Among celebrity Libras, her album is a testimony to the cardinal sign urges to reign that often create an inner battle for partnership.


Noah Schnapp

born October 3, 2004

Venus-ruled Libras like Noah Schnapp are the child-actors with emotional range that reach across ages.


Caleb McLaughlin

born October 13, 2001

The Libra of Stranger Things charmed us with their nerdy adorableness and is among celebrity Libras who speak out. Caleb McLaughlin is bringing attention to racism.


Simon Cowell

born October 7, 1959

A harsh critic he may be, but when this celebrity Libra judge weighs in, we start taking notes.


Michaela Coel

born October 1, 1987

This thought-provoking creator among famous Libras shattered genres and straddled lines with her series I May Destroy You which managed to balance themes of trauma with healing humor.


Gwen Stefani

born October 3, 1969

The candy-coated sweetness of the Hollaback Girl’s brand is pure Libra—and started in her 20s and continues to work for the eternally youthful Stefani into her 50s. 


Addison Rae

born October 6, 2000

The highest-earning TikTok personality in 2020, this dancing/singing/acting famous Libra has breezed into some lucky spots! She’s also field accusations of cultural appropriation and questionable political values—an issue when this air sign trends toward the superficial or doesn’t do proper research.


Amber Rose

born October 21, 1983

Shaming women for their sexuality will never fly with this sign, which is why famous Libra Amber Rose led the first LA Slutwalk to honor and empower women.


Phoebe Robinson

born September 28, 1984

Podcasting queen turned TV star and writer mixes social commentary with Libra humor with irreverent titles like Everything’s Trash, But It’s Okay and Please Don’t Sit on My Bed in Your Outside Clothes.


St. Vincent

born September 28, 1982

Cardinal signs, like Libras, start every season. They are known to initiate entire genres, too, like celebrity Libras indie-rocker, St. Vincent!


Lilly Singh

born September 26, 1988

Named one of the 40 most powerful people in comedy by Forbes, this groundbreaking famous Libra was the first American broadcast host of a major network late night talk show to be openly bisexual and also of Indian and South Asian descent.



born October 13, 1995

The BTS singer and dancer’s vocals have been described as “delicate and sweet,” two very Libra words, putting Jimin firmly in the celebrity Libras roster.



born October 17, 1972

Don’t get it twisted! Libras aren’t always sweetness and light, especially when life has brought them anything but the equilibrium they need, as is the case with Eminem.


Snoop Dogg

born October 20, 1971

True to his partnership-powered sign, Snoop Dogg is among famous Libras to have built a career out of collabs, in his case, with everyone from Dr. Dre to Martha Stewart.


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