Gemini Season Cocktails: Make It A Double!

In partnership with Kinky Beverages

Gemini season has arrived! And we bet you’re feeling the buzzy, plyaful vibes this zodiac cycle brings. People are out and about! The single are ready to mingle! And we’ve mixed up two Gemini season cocktails with Kinky Beverages. 

Don’t even think about standing on the sidelines between May 20 and June 20! We sure won’t be. You’ll find us over here, sipping Gemini season cocktails mixed with tantalizing blends from Kinky Beverages庐. 

To fete Gemini season like a (dynamic duo of) boss(es), we tapped our friends at Kinky Beverages庐. They mixed up two amazing recipes for us, that pair with the two speeds of Gemini season. And that begs the question: Are you a good twin or an evil twin? *mwhahahaha*

Cocktail # 1: Tropical Smash

For the Good Twin

Drink this when: You’re feeling fun-loving, inspiring or inclusive

Cocktail #2 Double Trouble

For the Evil Twin

Drink this when: You’re feeling catty, snobbish or fickle

So, you鈥檙e not a Gemini? Consider yourself an honorary Gem for the next four weeks…well, in a way. No matter your zodiac sign, twinning is winning between the 2021 Gemini season dates of May 20 to June 20. Good or evil (or both!), this zodiac sign knows the power of paradoxes. Enjoy both sides of yourselves responsibly, please.

Are you feeling like a Good Twin or an Evil Twin today?

路  Tells hilarious stories to break the ice
路  Always knows the hottest places to go
路  Includes the new kid in plans
路  Inspires friends with wisdom

路  Gets busted for sharing juicy gossip
路  Is unimpressed by basically everything
路  Ditches friends to hang in VIP room
路  Plays mind games out of boredom

Odds are good, you’ll experience both of these moods before June 20! Which is the perfect excuse to mix up both of these Gemini season cocktails, naturally. And check back monthly. Kinky Beverages will be back at the beginning of every zodiac season with a round of recipes. That means we鈥檒l be sipping our way through the star signs with you all year. Cheers!

Let鈥檚 start mixing some Gemini season cocktails, k?

Good Twin Cocktail

For the GOOD TWIN 鈥 when you鈥檙e feeling fun-loving, inspiring or inclusive


1.5 oz. KINKY Fruit Punch
1 oz. gin
3/4 oz. lime juice
3/4 oz. simple syrup

Combine all ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake what your mama gave ya (and the drink too) and strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice. We like a big cube so it melts slower. Garnish with mint, lime, or whatever other fruit makes you feel good.

Find a bottle of Kinky near you to mix your Gemini season cocktails!

Evil Twin Cocktail

For the EVIL TWIN 鈥 when you鈥檙e feeling catty, snobbish or fickle


1 oz. KINKY Aloha
1 oz. KINKY Ruby

Shake over ice to chill, pour into your favorite shot glasses, and share with your favorite partner-in-crime!

Find a bottle of Kinky near you to mix your Gemini season cocktails!


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